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    after mounting the motor, tank, throttle and everything else, get on and pop the clutch....zoom takes off...right. the idle is this, do this, read that...drill out jets(which i did not do) that size is in there for a good reason...then i figured out...dont fool with the carb.. adjust the cable!!!! thats what those twists things are for on the levers at the end of the cable!!!! everything is now perfect. one thing i did do though, moved the e-clip to the very top notch on the needle. that slowed things down a bit. 41mph was just tooo fast!!!!!!!!!!! grubbee skyhawk gt5a is the bomb of bombs!!!!! darn good 2stroke!!!:D:D:D:D:D

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    well, by raising the e-clip you leaned out the air-fuel mixture. USUALLY this will give the engine more power.
    if the idle is high, you may have to just adjust your idle screw.
    if you have the cns carb, you may have to adjust the air-fuel mixture screw.
    if it's running too lean you could eventually burn up the piston.
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    On the CNS carb, they deliberately set the cables as 'non-adjustable' below what they figured idle should be- this is to compensate for the CARB rubbish. I have started solving the vacume leakage by driving a scew into the bypass hose from inside the aircleaner casing- seals it tight and the tube is still in place for visual inspection. I also slop the carburettor end of the nylon bushing and fill the gap with formagasket#2. This leaves the idle rediculously high. I screw the 90 degree channel into the throttle handle base as far as it will go and still use the locknut- I also open the handle and chisel off about 1/4" of the stop on the nylon thingie where the cable attaches, then re-assemble. This leaves the one throttle adjust with slack and enough throw to find the proper place for idle. See if that don't work-
    the Old Sgt.