cafe and chopper..

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  1. DemonikElectronik

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    here's our couple bikes..currently were running.

    my cafe: 66cc, sbp pipe, k&n, race carb, ported intake, all ports remapped all casting mistakes repaired, polished rod and crank, internal casting mistakes on cases repaired, msd plug wire, 36 tooth pirate cycles sprocket and clam shell sprocket holder, pirate cycles high comp head, converted back to bike chain drive. 50+mph on flat.

    chopper: same exhaust carb filter. pirate intake 40t sprocket on standard rag joint (that has gotta go).originally a specialized mountain bike. lots of frame mods, chopped raked, custom front end. 45mph on flat.

    pics in progress and through the mods, will get some recent ones next time im out in the garage.








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    those are very cool; the cafe' bike looks fast just sitting there, something about it is aggressive looking. Great job.
  3. DemonikElectronik

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    and some more pics..










  4. ZipSnipe

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    Very kool bikes, I especially like the cafe. 2 questions
    1) What is the long black box that sits under the gas tank? If battery for lights how do you charge it?
    2) Whats the reason to convert to bicycle chain drive?
  5. DemonikElectronik

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    1. you are correct it is a battery box, it holds 4 d size batteries and they are non rechargeable. new batteries usually last about 4-6 hours of constant run time, the box was an auxiliary power supply for an old camcorder. With 4.6v lantern bulbs in the lights its fairly bright and when it gets dim i simply replace the batteries. i do plan to replace it with a rechargeable battery pack and a charge circuit which is available on ebay sometime in the future.

    2. the bicycle chain drive is for a few reasons. one is it cuts down on the vibration due to the lighter weight chain, not to mention its much easier to rotate the wheels, you really notice when you're pedaling to get moving and the increase in your overall top speed. the motors on these bikes produce very little torque so snapping a chain is unlikely, i've run the same one for over 500 miles now, not to mention high quality bmx chain is more likely stronger than the chinese chain supplied with the kits. next reason is that i run the same type chain on both sprockets which mean my master links chain breakers and chains are the same so i only have to keep one kind on hand, which i can buy at basically any store that sells bicycles, instead of having to order a chain or tracking down the correct size links. lastly modifying it to run the lighter chain is very easy, simply using a dremel to slightly narrow the engine sprocket can be done without even removing it from the motor and narrowing the rear sprocket can be done by driving some screws through the mounting holes to your work bench and using a sander or disc grinder to shape the teeth narrower. the link to link distance is the same.

    sorry for the long answers. :rolleyes7:
  6. Off topic here, but this is the second time I've seen this on a motorcycle/motorbike today, what is the purpose of having springs on the header pipe? I watched a vid of a Yamaha 750 Cafe Racer and it had 2 springs on each header also, why?