cag motor with scooter guy setup

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    any1 have a 49cc cag motor for pocketbike/scooter on there bike with scooter guy setup.
    is the engine good quality and whats some specs on it like rpm and fuel comsumption and that kinda stuff.
    also what kind of speeds are you able to get with it.
    any help/info would be apreciated. any1 with a cag motor on a pocketbike. even if its a different or similar motor with the scooter guys setup.

    heres pictures of a cag motor.


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  2. SimpleSimon

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  3. cspaur13

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    thanks for your help. thats what it is about on ebay but shipping is cheaper and it might be better quality. i clicked mooters and found the same cag motor the scooter guy had but 100 dollars cheaper. thank god you gave me this link. i havent been able to find any good sites.
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    i got a pocket bike out of the scrap yard awhoile back that had that cag motor on it.thereb was actually two bikes there and i made one good one.the motor ran good and seemed to be reliable.i left the other bike and motor to get scraped.i sold the pocket bike since then.i amagine they would make a decent bike motor.let us know what u come up with.
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    I also have access to a cag motor, but with the pocket bike variation in drive techniques and so was wondering how to step the gearing down enough to suit. The cag engines are also used in mini dirtbikes which come with a transfer box but i still don't think that reduction would be enough to gear the bike for a good 25-30mph.

    However that transfer box in the first pic looks abit more suitable, what are they fitted to?
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    Here is pretty much the same thing as SimpleSimons link
    $70 .00 plus 10.00 shipping not bad.

    The best I could find.
    $ 100.00 shipped.

    They are slightly better than a Happytime

    Detonator Tuning Solutions did it with a gp 460.
    .A very good engine .
    look here

    Detonator is selling some stuff here is the link
    Under buy and sell you need to be logged in to see it.
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    Cs. I Have Several Of The Cag Motors Maybe Over 20. The One With The Red Head Is A Big Bore Kit = 52cc. I Have 1, It Puts Out More Power. If You Notice Those Motors Do Not Have An Air Schroud All The Way Around The Cyclinder.i Have Not Been Able To Keep Them Running. I Will But A Thin Aluminum Cover Around Them From Now On. To Cool Cylinder Evenly. A Pop Can Should Be Fine (maybe Sharp Edges!!) By The Time You Get A Gas Tank And Muffler, You May As Well Buy A Titan 4 Stroke. I Like 49cc Or More. I Think The Titan With Scooter Guy Setup Will Make You Happy. They Use That Small 5:1 Reverse Gear Box. I Have Some Titans And Like Them, Trouble Free So Far. Ron