Cag Pocket motor conversion

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by GraemeK, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. GraemeK

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    Hi All

    I want to use a Cag pocket motor to build a powered cycle.
    What I need to make this easy is a primary drive reduction unit that will just bolt on the centrifugal clutch mounting. Need to have about a 3:1 reduction.
    Does anyone know of something like this that is available.


  2. DetonatorTuning

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    you need to contact member "thescooterguy" he has what you need and has built many.

    you're in for big fun,
  3. Silvaire

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    Just curious, but what's a "Cag pocket motor"?

    Regarding a 3:1 reduction unit that will fit a centrifugal clutch, here's one shown on Fleabay:

    I've got a couple of these that I don't plan to use. Internally they are a just a chain and sprocket with grease in a sealed case. They do not use gears.

    The ones that "thescooterguy" uses in his builds are 5:1 units that have gears in oil. I've got a couple of scooters that have these same 5:1 reduction units as he uses. Both of mine have seen some use and have quite a bit of gear whine.
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  4. pedro5189

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    The 3:1 that you speak of allows the drive to be on the disc brake side, correct?

    Does the 5:1 that thescooterguy uses reverse the drive for the gearing side of the frame?