cag powered 29er

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  1. shiloh0

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    here is a 29er i built to ride this summer. it has a dax cag engine-the 4.2 hp one, and a left-side freewheel. it has a bmx chain for engine drive. the engine mount is made from an old seat post rack with a piece of steel plate welded on. at the end is a short section of 3/8 threaded rod for the side supports to attach. i got the gas tank off ebay, it's a take-off from a honda gx engine. there are no holes drilled into the bike for this setup, the side brackets are attached with vinyl covered ubolts i bought at lowe's

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  2. bigkahuna

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    Looks nice, bet that thing flies, eh? I almost bought that bike, then opted for the 29er cruiser instead.
  3. shiloh0

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    thanks bigkahuna, it really does fly, but not gonna break any records on bottom end torque--likes high revs. 29er cruiser? i didnt know about this...****
  4. bigkahuna

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    Look for my build thread of the Genesis Onyx 29er on the other forum. I was going to go with DAX's CAG engine but he's out of friction drives and I was in a hurry.
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    thank you, thank you, bigkahuna for bringing that onyx 29er to my attention, its $149 now from walmart with free to-home shipping. i gotta get one! too bad it's aluminum, think of the board track racer you could build with a 29er cruiser -i believe the original wheelsize for most was 28"
  6. bigkahuna

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    Do another search on their website and it's $149 for the bike with a $20 gift certificate which brings the price down to $129. The bike does have some (minor) issues, which I identify in my build thread, but nothing that can't be overcome. There have been a couple of other build threads using in frame engines, I decided to go with a rear friction drive just because I think it will be easier / more reliable. I also added front and rear caliper brakes, wasn't hard to do at all.
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    It is now the start of 2013, do we get a progress report? I'm planning on doing the same as Shil0h, and I'd like some news of success or failure.
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    A bigger sprocket should end your low end woes and make for much better