Cali ~~ it's what's wrong with the State and Country

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mountainman, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Mountainman

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    it's what's wrong with the State and Country

    they are killing all small business
    over regulation in Calif is at the all time high

    they should (like in the old days)
    let people sell THINGS on the sides of the road (roadways)
    this is how Kentucky Chicken started I think
    try it now days and receive a big ticket or two or three

    1970-1973 I owned a bicycle shop
    started on a shoe string
    turned into a pretty nice shop with hard work
    Uncle Sam grabbed a large part of our rear end

    does not help the little guy to grow
    when he has hold of your _alls
    and won't let them go

    City jobs at one time paid 1/2 of most other work (of the same)
    they offered a good retirement and security
    for the new ones coming aboard today many cases retirement gone
    and one today does not have to be a US cit to apply
    ((( all that is needed is a green card )))
    thus it is very hard for the average guy to get on
    they are hiring their friends if you know what I mean ??



  2. Big Red

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    Ca. Law.

    Sorry MM, Didn't mean to get something going that may be close to "political". I know it's hard to talk about Ca. law without getting into the political side of it, But I've already been to the land of the two day ban and trying not to go there again. Well, Not right away anyway.
    I agree, but for this discusion to go any further, COMBUSTION CHAMBER.
    Big Red.
  3. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member

    Honey, I'm Home.

    Finally, A place to talk about those sick *******s that MAKE the laws, And the sicker *******s that enforce the law. (no one under 18, RIGHT?)
    Let's see if I can get something started here. Like, Why would California ban 2-stroke 49cc engines while still allowing people to register HUGE SUV's and 30 year old Ford V-8's that put out ten times the **** into the air than my little 2 stroke? Should we all e-mail exxon and mobil? They will lose MILLIONS worldwide if this type of ban continues. ****, I don't know what to do about it. I'm just an old retired SOB. You YOUNG "sons O guns" need to jump on this before it goes any further. e-mail the oil companies, e-mail your state legislator. Get it going like Roland did. GET POLITICAL....
    Like I said, I'm old and tired. I used up all my tickets on sex, drugs and rock and roll. I got a couple years left to build bikes and another three or four laying in bed with a oxygen tube shoved up my ***. Well, maybe my nose. THE POINT IS, It's up to all you youngsters to get this **** going. Are you up to the challange? We'll see.
    HEY, It's JUST MY 2 CENTS.
    Big Red.
  4. Turtle Tedd

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    The state of California is having the SanFrancisco-Olkland Bay Bridge built in China with Chinese labor and with Chinese steel and shipped here in modulal sections...the last four sections to arrive in I have heard it all
  5. machiasmort

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    I thought I seen it all to TT, be sure to read my July 4th scandal thread in the CC. Spread the word about it! We could stop the BS! It's up to us!
  6. Stan4d

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    Just a thought....Mountain Man Style

    Looking at a map I see
    The state of Florida taking a pee
    Texas is proud but hanging low
    Cali looks like its been through the bend in a Toilet Bowl.

    Laws and legislation work West to East
    But yet also they shoot from East to West
    So in the middle I sit, and wait on the beast
    Maybe not electing dumbasses would be best..​
  7. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    If what you say is true, that places us at the begining of the happy trail. It's anything but up here!
  8. Big Red

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    MM style.

    Right On Stan, I think ya got the MM style AND your point across perfectly.