California AB1096 No More Cycle Analyst or Limiters.

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    Bans them as well so you cannot dial a bigger motor smaller. I actually don't see this the way they did it, however Larry Pizzi explained to me they had to seriously negotiate this because there were many interests, hiking groups and bicycle groups in the state that didn't want ebikes on any trails or paths.

    So to appease those groups with more power than the ebike industry they compromised, though I wonder how much of that really is compromise.

    In AB1096 will require an as of yet special manufacturers sticker for class type ebikes, I think that starts in 2017. Also being able to use a Cycle Analyst or a limiter on a controller is a no go. Those items are also going to be outlawed. How many cops carry a DMM to measure voltages will be a small question, probably not many.

    This bill IMHO was written to kill the DIY crowd.

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    So there's an assembly bill in the works to ban LCD and Cycle Analyst speed and power regulators? Do you have a link to that? Man that's going to kill the factory models with selectable power levels. I would imagine the big player e-bike mfg would rally to block or lobby to have that bill amended!
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    Me thinks we have it pretty good here in Cali for both electric and gas bikes. I haven't seen anything in the new law or heard of anything in the works that would ban lcd computers that work in conjunction with electronic controllers to limit the motor assisted maximum speeds required to stay within the new law.