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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hugo Stiglitz, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz New Member

    Hello All,

    New to the site, have been lurking as of recent. Finally putting the finishing touches on my stretch cruiser build.

    A little history on me and my build...

    I won a stock Kustom Kruiser Roadster at a bar one night in a raffle. They were raffling off the bike, a stereo system for your car and a set of fake cans for chicks. I've never won anything before and almost cried when they called my number for the bike. So we shoved the thing in the back of my then girlfriend's Scion TC (was not easy) and brought it home.

    From there it sat and took up space in my apartment. I work too much to really enjoy it. So the bike was about to go on craigslist when I came across a site called :tt1: I was hooked! I canned the idea of selling the bike and started sourcing parts to drop this thing and make it my own. Before long, I had this:


    Then came the idea of putting an engine on it. I hadn't seen anything like it at the time. A stretch with an engine seemed like a unique build and something that would turn heads down the boardwalk. So I sourced an HT kit from a fellow who was local here in So Cal. Was amazed at how cheap it was, but the kit was clearly not going to be a simple "plug n play" on my bike.

    Short of the long, over the past couple of years I've slowly pieced the thing together. It's taken a back seat to work, and restoring my '63 VW. But little by little I tinkered. I was building custom brackets, mounts and a gas tank when I had spare time. Then I finally got the thing running this past weekend.


    That is a picture prior to body work on the tank and everything running. I've since put close to 15 hours of body work in the tank, mounted new handle bars and installed a Shimano brake lever and cable for my clutch lever (much better action I might add).

    I will post some current pictures in the gallery. I plan to repaint it with a scheme that matches my VW restore. That way I can tow it to shows and put around in style. Plus flat black has been done before.

    The site is awesome and I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Helped me figure out some break in procedures and expected pitfalls of the chinese made HT.

  2. bideronit13

    bideronit13 Member

    That looks like La Habra heights. I used to paint houses over there for my neighbor.
    Se Ya Later
  3. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz New Member

    Used to live close to La Habra Heights, actually in Rowland Heights. Now I'm a little further south in Murrieta/Temecula...

    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum.
    That is one beautiful bike.......

    Hope you can bring it to the race on Oct 22nd in Apple Valley
    so we see it close up.
  5. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz New Member

    ^^I actually saw that and was thinking of making the trek up the 15. I want to finish the bike first though, which means dis-assembly, mount a tensioner for pedal side chain, sand and paint bike, finish body work on tank, then final assemble all in less than two weeks time...

    We will see!

    What classes are being run?
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    If you don't get your bike finished it is a must see event with
    a collection of motorized bike builds that will blow you away
    and you will never see in the same place again, at least until
    the next SoCal race. :D

    Come as a spectator but it is too much fun on the track even if
    you aren't a gung ho racer.

    Here are the classes...

    Here are the 5 Motor Race Classes + Unlimited Class.
    This is also the race order with eBikes first.

    All entries must have functioning pedals.

    1) eBike:
    generally <9K peak input, 8.1K output almost 11 electric hp
    dual motors sum <9K
    Turnigy's, Colossus, Astros, others,
    <9K input for hubbies C9s, 53XXs, Stoke Monkey, BMC, others

    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    2) 4 Stroke:
    Robin Subaru 25cc and Honda GX 25 cc
    Robin Subaru 35cc and Honda GX 35 cc
    Honda 49 cc GXH and Huasheng 49 cc clone Titan 49.4 cc Super Titan 49.4 cc
    Any other 4 strokes less than 50 cc

    The <35 cc 4 strokes will be a 4 stroke subclass with their own winner.

    No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    3) 2 Stroke:
    48 cc to 66 cc aka 80 Chinese bicycle motors.

    2 groups run because of large number of entries.

    No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    4) >50cc Mid Range Class:
    Harbor Freight 79 cc Greyhound
    Harbor Freight 99 cc Predator
    Honda GX 100
    Honda GX 160
    Whizzer 136cc
    Pit Bike Cag 4+ hp 2 stroke
    GP 460 47cc 4.5 hp 2 stroke
    Briggs & Stratton 5 hp
    Morini 5.8 hp 2 stroke

    5) Gas Bikes <11 hp:
    9 hp Morini
    11 hp water cooled Morini
    6.5 hp Harbor Freight 200 cc or similar.

    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    The first 4 to 7 finishers from the above 5 Classes
    will race against each other in The Ultimate Race.

    UNLIMITED Gas OR eBike Class
    Includes any motorized bicycles that are over 12 hp and don't
    fit in any the other classes but meet a few basic common
    sense rules
    like functioning pedals and still resemble bicycles.

    Multi speed shiftable motorcycle engines are in this class.
    Motorcycle tires are in this class.
    Race Mopeds

    Exceptions may be made to the above classes at the race
    organizers discretion [That's me] and the list will be updated as needed.
  7. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz New Member

    Maybe I will bring the bike... Since I've had it running I've had to ride it every night. Racing it would sure be a lot of fun.
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    Racing it before you put the final paint and finish sounds like the plan to me. :D

    Motorized bicycle racing is the most affordable and fun way to get out
    on a track and no matter where you are in the pack there will other
    bikes to dice it up with.

    The event is way more than a race too with a collection of the most
    unique builds and their builders in one place.