California Engines Pk 80 experiences and questions

Nuts and bolts on my Harley, they never give an exact torque value but an approximate

Like the oil drain plug for example, torque is between 14 - 21 ft lbs , I tighten just above the lower # to 17 ft lbs

On the bolts that require loctite I assume Harley has already figured that into their torque values, but I still set my torque wrench to be in between the approximate torque #s given
The studs and nuts for the cylinder jug and or head I still tend to go more by feel than the actual torque
Yep, ya get a feel for it and ya don't over tighten,
Same with my Whizzer, when the engine is in the bike, I can't get a torque wrench on 1/2 the head bolts anyways