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    Hey all,

    I just purchased a beach cruiser with a two stroke motor on it. The guy before the guy I bought it from built it up with a kit 10+ years ago. I'm looking to get familar with motors in general as I am not very mechanically inclined. I will hopefully be commuting to work 14 miles round trip. Lastly, by profession I am an artist, so I look forward to doing some body work and modifications. Firstly I have to get the thing road ready. I have been trolling the forums to figure out what's required by Ca law, so you fellow Cali guys lend an ear if you have any pointers. All in all i look forward to seeing what you all are up to.


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    Hello, Ed, and welcome aboard.

    A 14 mile round trip is definitely do-able. I do a 12 miler in almost the same time as with my car. Very little difference.

    I'm afraid I don't know the laws in California, but I don't remember hearing anything worrisome. And most of us have found that the police don't seem to care very much, even in those places where they are not road legal, as long as the rider is being cool.

    There'll be exceptions, of course, but I'll bet that they feel that they have bigger fish to fry as long as the rider is not going gonzo.

    So good luck and have fun.
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    Cool man. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the tips bro.