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    I had attempted to purchase a motor from BGF on ebay, but was denied, after paying, due to living in California and the CARB regs. Now paypal has my money tied up and I guess I'll have to enjoy this hobby from the sidelines. My main purpose was to buy the kit and have fun assembling the sucker, tweaking the motor and enjoying the rides afterward. Guess California politicians think I'd be leaving a cloud of smoke everywhere I went. Anybody know of an approved bike (gas) motor for a California resident? Sounds like a blast getting a motor and building a rat bike. My bike is an old Schwinn Panther, 2 speed, found at a yard sale for $10. Only thing missing was the gooseneck bolt. I've since changed the handlebars along with the rims and tires. Went to more of a beach cruiser look and feel. The older gentleman I purchased the bike from, said it was his, when he was a kid. Said he and his sister had good times riding it from their house into town to get candy. Bike is in very nice shape, I kept all the parts in order to restore it if I ever want to sell or trade it. Would have been a cool motorized bike, would have.


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    Hi Casey, welcome to Motoredbikes! I read here of people getting these engines in Ca. on this site somewhere. Hang in there. If someone doesn't give you an answer- do a post about how to get one in Cal.
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    Yea what the heck

    Do those dumb ***'s think all these Range Rovers are doing ???
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    Buy a 4stroke. I got mine from . Shipped to my door in a week, no problems.
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    How do you like the 4 stroke? Do you have a 2 stroke to compare against? If so, can you elaborate on the two? Thanks for the info, I will check them out.

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    I love it! It's super quiet, (if you get the belt drive, im sure it will be even quieter), runs great, and can be filled up at the gas station.

    I don't have a 2 stroke to compare it to.
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    Any 4 stroke

    You get is better than a H/T !!!!
    Iam not against 2 strokes ( love them )
    But there are C.A.R.B. complient one's out there that are great.
    Like Tanaka's, mitsu's etc..
    IMO the China H/T is just a money pit !!!
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    there's plenty that will ship to Cali, and ive bought from BGF before (his stuffs **** anyway) I use Bikeberry now. where in Cali are you. some places here that say they wont ship but you can go in and buy over the counter in Los Angeles area
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    I work in Los Angeles, and live near Glendale/Burbank. Can you recommend a place or places to buy over the counter in or near L.A.?
    Thanks for the info.

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    I will send you the info via PM
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    Got it...