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Feb 28, 2012
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Products: 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Engines, Complete Motorized Bicycles, Spare Parts for Motorized Bicycles
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BTW ... I'd still be interested in seeing a video of their top-end motor in action (if one exists)... and/or a comparison to a Phantom 85.

I have been thinking about getting a standard 66cc engine as a sort of backup motor. The thought did cross my mind, but my bike is also geared up fairly high. I guess it would be a great way to compare.
I am adding these forum URL links to this Dealer Review of CMB as it is appropriate that these should also be in this dealer/vendor review.
As always...Caveat Emptor.

I will just drop this URL right here, there is two new comments from two people on it.

And another URL regarding @Speed Demon bottom end of motor with pics as he has now taken it apart to show all of us what he has found, or in some cases, NOT found.

Here are some more statements made by folks in yet another thread about CMB and Zane and their reactions to what they think about how he is communicating with them properly, (or not), as well as he is always telling folks, NO WARRANTY.

I think a warranty is suddenly becoming quite important to people right now, especially in a very tight economy where our dollar is buying less and less...Unfortunately, when what we buy has no warranty and something is wrong as demonstrated time after time as also shown in this thread URL below, YOU are out the money, NOT the vendor.

Caveat Emptor folks.

In co-relation to these reviews. I do give Zane outstanding credit for being quick to replace parts and ship UPS when requested. However just keep in mind things will need to be modified or serviced to retain their preformance regularly.

Zane sent me out the following that I disputed

Oil Seals
Minarelli Pison
Cylinder Head
and even threw in a free Catnip CDI.

I didn't ask for the CDI he offered it. Regardless of this dang 100 thread post. I'm still overall happy with his duty to replace items.