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Feb 28, 2012
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Mar 20, 2022
I bought a pk80, from californiamotorbikes. It has to be shipped to the eu, do you guys get an email with shipping information ? It has been three buisiness day's and I didn't get a tracking number yet.
I never did till I cancelled the order...I did some complaining around here too about it, it appears, customer service was not a top priority (and apparently is still not) so I moved on got a refund and bought elsewhere.
I hear they are good motors, but whoever is selling these things needs to realize, they are not the only ones selling decent bicycle motor kits.


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Jan 7, 2022
I've bought from California motorbikes it's a one man show so email is slow but it all came and give it some time about a week to ship


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Jul 23, 2020
I've bought from California motorbikes it's a one man show so email is slow but it all came and give it some time about a week to ship

I would really wonder about that myself and I will tell you why.

I saw something on his website that I had questions on that I wanted answered before I order it so went to find a phone number...He doesn't provide one and he doesn't take phone calls...Strike One.

He wants you to text him...Well I can tell you that at almost 67 years old, I have never texted in my life and have no intentions of doing so at my age now, I talk to people in person or by phone, email, or snail mail...and I only have a landline phone at home and a "stupid phone" that doesn't send or receive texts...Not everyone uses text...Strike Two.

So what I did was use the device on his website that will send him an Email that he claims he will answer A.S.A.P...That was on May 2nd with zero reply...Thats Strike Three.

As I see it, If he doesn't take phone calls and doesn't return emails in order to make a sale, what kind of customer service could I expect from him if what I ordered was damaged, wrong part or item etc...etc???

If that is how he goes about his business with a very possible first time customer right off the bat, then i would not expect I would be happy to spend what little money I have with him, and as a forum member, I consider it a responsibility to let others know what my experience with CMB has been thus far...It's been zero due to lack of communication...DAMIEN