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    Hello All,

    My nickname is dnuttle66 from southern California and I've taken a real interest in motorized bicycles in the past couple of years. I am looking to open up a retail shop here in my area, and have come across conflicting laws regarding the legalities of motorized bikes in respect to sales, and the riding of the bikes on Ca. streets. I welcome any thoughts or comments on this matter and look forward to acquaintance and chatting with you all.


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    First off, Welcome to MBc, dnuttle66. Second, since I am not a lawyer licensed in that state, I can not give you any legal advice (and anyone who does so without the proper credentials does so at their own peril, and yours [if you act on it]. We can all give advice, but very few are qualified to give a legal opinion. So, welcome, again, and best of luck finding a qualified opinion.
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    Welcome, it would be nice to have a store so close in CA.