California Whiz-in Delta Style



California Whiz-in Delta Style

Hi all, well a couple of Whizzer

owners have made the arrangements

for this year's Whiz-in to be

held at Bruno's Island Marina in

the delta off of I5 and Highway

12. October 4, 5 and 6.

They've planned about 65 mile

ride with a ride on a ride on the

ferry across one of the sloughs.

I'm sure plenty of River Views,

and some Draw-Bridge crossings.

Friday Night and Saturday night

dry-camping I'm told is 14.00 per

night. Ride Saturday am. BBQ and

hang out sat evening, and

currently they are working on

having a Swap Meet on Sunday am.

All info I'm giving you is

subject to update as we go along.

Call or email me if you like, and

the guys, Ted and John will be

setting up an email address for


Thanks for reading this, we look

forward to seeing you all there

Delta Whiz-in

Hi TwoWalks, I'm sorry I've not answered you any sooner, it's not a usefull defense for my slow response, but some-how I've been busier than a one-armed man at a wall-paper hanging competition.

You would certainly be welcome, and I'm posting a scan of the event so you, and the rest of the readers can see the order of events.

One problem I see tho, is when my wife tried to ride her little SpitFire powered bike at a whiz-in 3 years ago, she was not able to keep up with the more powerful faster Whizzers, and of course the Cushmans can run circles us anytime they want.

The trick would be, as we leave each stop, to blast off with the very first wave of riders, and in that way you'd be more in the pack, wifey tried to be close to last to leave, and was quickly outdistanced.

NO-ONE gets left behind, not ever! We care about our people, and the new (first year) riders are looked after by the rest of the pack, just the same as any other rider, and we do have support vehicles in case a bike breaks down (and some ALWAYS do!)

We typically have about 75 riders, with a variety of power, speed, and riding skill levels levels, and we always have a great time!

Come and visit us?

Thanks for the information Mike and the "slow poke" warning. :) Being a little on heavy side, my bike will be even slower than it should be. I am planning for the weekend and hope to meet you there. :cool:
WOW Mike, just WOW!! 75 riders with a campout? Man, that must be a major hoot. Plus the delta area there is really nice. Used to live there in a little place called Citrus Heights. Loved the area.
I think I am gonna try to come too. I'll know in a couple of weeks if I can make it. It sounds like a lot of fun, but it depends on whether or not I keep my old Chevy Van or sell it to the State before my reg. is due 9/30, so ... kind of one of those timing issues.
The Whiz-In WAS!!!

Well gang I am apparently the first to attempt to tell you-all about some of the fun we had in the CA Delta!

We were welcomed (in the dark) I think by some of the Washington guys Jim I believe, (tho I don't see well in the dark, if I'm wrong I apologize!). We rounded the bend, and came upon the Fort Brag contingency! This was Mike Bryant, his son, and a couple friends. We pulled in, parking next to Brent Markley and his wife (it's dark, we don't know this till the morning).

It Rained, a little, then a lot, then a little more, we set up the EZ-UP for rain shelter, and did some bench-racing till well into the night. During this time, Tom and Miles from Central Coast show up, and soon after, Marvin Yee, Brandon Yee, and 2 friends, they brought 1 Whizzer 3 Tomos Mopeds.

My brother Robert and his wife Jen show up in the morning, and the place is filling up. I now discover Brent and Kelly (next door), Jim and the Seattle Gang, then Rick from SoCal, Ted, and John, and others all in our row.

We chewed the fat, and went to the riders meeting. Sign-ups, and the usual warnings about road saftey, and how we do not heal so well anymore.

Gather helmets, fire up the Mighty 138's, and begin across the most dangerous bridge I've ever ridden a bike across! The smell of engines rich up on choke, a few older ones burning a little oil, and those 3 Tomos (hey, is someone burning bean-oil?). We are off!

I'll write more in another post BUT if you have pics of the event, lets try to do an album somewhere? This was the first Delta Whiz-In and I'm knowing it will not be the last. many more characters will emerge as we go along.

Till then,

Except for the rain it sounds like you all had a great time. I wish I could have attended. I hope our get together this coming weekend on the east coast goes as well. Maybe someday I will get out to the left coast so I can put faces to all the names I have come to know here on the forum. I'm glad everything went well Mike. I can't wait to see some pictures.

Brents pics of the Delta style Whizz-in