Call me Crazy but trying to get my son's bike rolling

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    Howdy folks, so I personally am not riding the bike, but my son bought a greenline men's beach cruiser and this skyhawk 66cc motor kit. :helmet: Now seemingly you are supposed to be able to slap this puppy right on and ride it in three hours. Now I will admit I am not the top of the line mechanic but having been a single mother for several years, and growing up in Tulsa OK, I know a thing or two about wrenching. But this is crazy. We have been at it since April it's now Christmas, So he got this "Dude" to "help" him while I was busy with work and we are having to redo EVERYTHING he touched. SO I am looking for some knowledgeable advise on how to best get this bad motor scooter rolling on, hopefully without too much more expense as we are looking at over $600 already. Had the bike going at one time but it threw the chain and cracked the motor cover on the corner. I am thinking the "helper" may have warped the sprocket when he used a dremel tool to try and widen the hole for the coaster brake. I know right?:ack2: So I am trying to order an new sprocket, hopefully with a bigger hole and a new chain, and Now I am insisting on a front brake, but haven't found one that will clear the wide fenders on the bike. So any suggestions or advise you are willing to send my way would be greatly appreciated. Not exactly sure how he talked me into building him a motor bike, but I want to make sure am doing it right and adding a little extra safety, as I am a mom.:devilish:

    Thanks much.

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    Put a disk brake on the front for extra stopping power. Most important to not let the chain derail is to make sure the chain at the roller is in line with the rear sprocket, even if that means its out of line with the front sprocket.
    The only good thing I remember about my abusive father is that he helped me buy my first motorcycle. You're doing good helping him get motorized wheels. It may be the only good thing he ever remembers about you. ;-)
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    read some of what I've done to my might help you....that from sprocket that was on my motor had to be deburred with a my dremel on both sides so the chain would roll free on it..also with the back wheel off the ground roll the back tire or pedal it so the chain rolls and watch the chain..if its not perfectly straight it will come might take a hour or two to get it right but it's time well spent