Called some insurance folks.

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  1. My thought was, if I even wanted MB liability insurance,
    Who could even give it to me for an MB in California?
    I wanted to find out how much it would be, so I made some calls.

    I contacted a few insurance companies about my motorized bicycle
    the other day, and not one said they would insure it.
    It was an issue with it not being in their system.

    It's pretty funny that they want you to get liability insurance as a "moped"
    but the insurance companies won't even give it to you.

    Anybody have their MB insured?

  2. I have teh health insurance.
  3. uncle_punk13

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    Can't get it. I tried as well for my Whizzer, and for my 1905 Mead Whizzer.
    It's not listed in their system and was told to try the 'specialty' companies that insure kustom rods and motorcycles. Yeah, right! They cover hundred grand trailer queens not my little bikes. I didn't try, who knows maybe they would (for way more money than I'm willing to spend on insurance) cover our little guys.
    I have Aflack...
  4. KilroyCD

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    I was able to get both liability and injury insurance on my Whizzer. But that vehicle came with a VIN number and that type of bike was in Progressive's database.
  5. fetor56

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    My household contents insurance covers my MB's for fire/theft etc(not injury).....covers ANY MB up to a capacity of 125cc.
    Hope i don't ever have to test them out on it though.
  6. fm2200

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    I realize these posts are relatively are history now i just wish to comment on the fact of these guys inquiring in Calif about insurance costs, What the Heck Are You Thinking, did you ever hear, leave sleeping dogs lie. Keep up your semi-intelligent thoughts and we will all have the joys of paying liability insurance because of your silly notion that the insurance companies have no such coverage for my silly little gas powered bike. Keep up the wonderful inquires with a little bit more of your wise guy comments you may be left with the only option to have all the states to comply with all the specifics of that which governs the use and restrictions all motorcyclist now enjoy.
  7. Listen Smart guy....
    It already is "required" under California law, as Motorized bicycles
    are the SAME classification as Mopeds in this state which require insurance.
    So I looked into it by calling insurance companies...
    What's wrong with that?

    Maybe you should get informed on States laws before you go acting a fool.
  8. KilroyCD

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    Don't be so condescending. There are a number of states that require insurance for motorized bicycles. California is one of them. Just because New York doesn't require it only makes this thread irrelevant to you. But it has relevancy to many others. Are you saying because you live in NY state and MB insurance isn't required there, we shouldn't post information telling folks where/how to find insurance for their MBs? Get your facts straight before insulting anyone by saying they have semi-intelligent thoughts and silly notions. :veryangry:
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  9. uncle_punk13

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    Listen noob,
    I've had to go over this too many times already, but here we go again...
    It's only a matter of time now; we are already too many in number to "FLY UNDER THE RADAR" (like I had been doing for over a decade now, but things change...), we have garnered notice and in many states (Including my own) we are required to register, license, and insure our vehicles.
    The writing is on the wall.
    Backwards thinking like yours will leave us caught with our pants off. We need to be ProActive so that we do not end up trying to be ReActive. In other words we need to work on the legislation and be involved in writing the reg.s that are coming down anyway, rather than trying to change the laws after the fact. It's always easier to be involved in writing the rules than it is to try to change them after they are in place.
    Wise up boy-o, they're already after you as well. Why not try to be constructive and get involved; to help lead the writing of the rules. rather than trying to act the cool fool, whilst burying your head in the sand?!?!
    Furthermore, if we are to be taken seriously, and as a legitimate form of transportation and as a legitimate vehicle classification we need our vehicles to be compliant. Do I like that? No. Do I understand why? Yes.
    It's the attitudes like yours that will end up gettng us ALL regulated off the roadways.
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  10. biken stins

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    Uncle Punk. If you have a VIN or serial number American family Insurance might have something.But they need numbers.
  11. fm2200

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    I was not aware of the insurance requirements in Calif, but I know of many guys that never get this so called necessary insurance in Calif. If you go to any insurance company and they do not have coverage for what your asking, it's hardly worth mentioning. I know that there are states like Texas & Pa that require insurance and I'm sure there are others. Just yesterday a guy in Michigan gets back to me about his ticket he was given for operating the gas bicycle on the road. He states the fine was $100.00 and he was puzzled why he was ticketed. So then he says he called up a state representative and asked why he had to pay this ticket and the official he spoke to said he should not have be cited a ticket at all. I wrote back to him telling him that he is required to register the bike and receive a sticker which is good for three years. A lot of these guys from all over simply buy the bike and use it as though it is not essential to get anything at all and when the cop pulls them over there in shock. This guy is in the state of Michigan and that is there only requirement for registering and nothing else very much as it is where I'm from. Sorry if anyone was offended, I always thought of Calif as being such a progressive state, I guess the almighty dollar is reigns supreme.
  12. HoughMade

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    I don't care about state requirements- right now I have none here. However, I care about someone getting hurt in an accident and me having no covergae. My injury is my business, but I could do some damage to a pedestrian, bicyclist or whatever. I prefer not to lose my assets because of no insurance. Even in this economy, I have a house with quite a bit of equity, other real estate, a fair amount of cash and investments. Liability insurance is a prudent investment. Some (probably most) homeowners policies exclude "motor vehicles" and I prefer not to fight over definitions. I prefer coverage.
  13. stealthc9

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    wow ok kid who everyone is mad at....realize we ride dangerous vehicles. whiles 30mph isnt that fast. I almost got run over because a car thought i was just a bicycle and decided to whiz passed me in a hurry. SERIOUSLY NOW, it's like a motorcycle u wreck on it ur doctors bills are gonna be expensive. u have insurance u'll be ok. do you want to get sued for causing a big accident and not having any insurance??
  14. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Can you give me a link where Insurance required on motorized bikes is mandated in California?

    I think the huntington-beach code is wrong about Motorized bicycles in
    such issues as needing DOT tires, Lighted headlamp required when engine is running, etc

    but even this strict interpretation says NO Insurance required for Motorized bicycles
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  15. 1clicc

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    I'm confuse here a little. Does this mean we have to have a motorcycle drivers license or just regular class c license in CA?
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  16. MotorBicycleRacing

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    You have to have a motorcycle drivers license in CA

    which means you have a C class license with a motorcycle endorsement

    If you don't have one just go get a learners motorcycle drivers license

    PS: Can you give me a link where Insurance required on motorized bikes is mandated in California?
  17. Mountainman

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    do I read that right ??
    is Huntington Beach asking for lights, horn and everything else as seen on a motor cycle ??
    if so -- they are ignoring state laws -- adding their many requirments

    Forbisher looks to be correct --
    it is ((plain to read)) about insurance requirments -- none needed

    ride that MB thing in HB
  18. Happy Valley

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    To say this is confusing is an understatement.

    Are people here arguing for the necessity to obtain what no insurance company is gonna issue?

    How big is that can of worms?
  19. You need all that stuff: horn, signals, stop lamp

    As for insurance, it's buried in the code, but I'll find it.
    I know this to be true because I just took the M skills test,
    and they asked for insurance and I could NOT take the test without it,
    moped or motorcycle.
    They turned a guy away on his moped because he had no insurance,
    and CA does not differentiate between mopeds and MBs.

    I'll find the code for the insurance.
  20. Here's the deal in the eyes of the state.
    MB's are considered motor vehicles,
    and all motor vehicles in CA require insurance. Period.

    You don't see a separate law addressing only MBs and their insurance needs,
    as that is not the way the code is written.
    All cars need insurance, and all Motorcycles need insurance....
    but the code doesn't address each individually.
    They are ALL covered under the blanket of "motor vehicles"

    The specific type of vehicle only needs to be mentioned
    if it is exempt from insurance, like ELECTRIC motorized bicycles,
    or motorized scooters, as they are not considered "motor vehicles" in the code.

    Link for financial responsibility.

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