calling all texans

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  1. :smile:howdy, Texans. I would like to see if we could orginixe a texas ride or a rotational ride schedule(We are a bigstate. Come on every one speek up.

  2. Alamo.

    Come on texans speek up , men didnt die in the alamo for us to clam up now.
  3. Jixz

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    im in!! DFW area?
  4. my thought was to try and have multiplre meets, around the state sence we are such a big state. That way more of us can come.
  5. VistaAnthony

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    In Austin, would like to see a RiverCity Meeting and Ride.
  6. What I was thinking was cycle through the major metro areas. the first ride I am working on is in Oct exact date yet to be set. It will be a weekend Iwas planing on trying to ride to the Texas Renasance Festavle from BCS. The ride is about 40-50 mi we will have "Chase Vehicles" the though was that we could camp that night go to the fest(If we have more than 25 people wa will get a discount, and msy be some perks) ride back on sun.
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  7. charlie51bc

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    Here in San Antonio, but bike still in drydock awaiting commision.
  8. Jixz

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    ugh, downtown San Antonio looks like an AMAZING place to ride.. :[
  9. Scottm

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    Here in Fort Worth. Perhaps some of us locals could ride to Scarbrough Faire in Waxahatice(sp) when it comes to town. Better yet we could get a rally at the Texas Motor Speedway.
  10. Scott my wife wants to go there far a nascar race. we priced the tickets. CAN YOU SAY EXPENSIVE.
  11. im down by corpus christi... dunno how far i would be able to escape with school and the kids and such but if there was some ride near here.
  12. happycheapskate

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    I am near Dallas.

  13. wheelbender6

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    We have avoided group rides in the Houston area because we don't want to attract lawmen. The four lane parkways with 35mph speed limits in the suburbs make a nice safe place for a group ride. The strand area of Galveston is also suitable. I would not attempt a group ride downtown with all the buses, pedestrians and one way streets.
  14. wheelbender6

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    I am thinking or organizing a ride in west Houston in Oct. We would probably start at Eldridge Pkwy and Memorial, travel east on Memorial for 5 miles or so, turn south and travel to Bissonett, and take Bissonett to Eldridge Pkwy, and so on Back to Memorial. I need to drive or ride this route to check for suitable speed limits, etc. Riding in the neighborhoods is not very exciting, but we cross the Buffalo Bayou twice and are less likely to attract the attention of law enforcement there.