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    I'm new to motor bikes and this is my first build. I started with a trek frame, antelope 820. I wrapped the frame with camo hockey tape, not a perm thig but I'll see how long it lasts. I upgraded the v brakes to cantilever. Got a cruiser seat. Ditched the front derailer, moved the rear derailer to the left handle bar and then installed the kit! Everything went pretty good and so far I have run about a tank through it, still in the break in..

    At the moment I am currently compiling all the components needed to make it street legal here in California. If all goes well I'll be on the street in a couple weeks!

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    I've compiled most of the parts to make my bike street legal, brake/running light, headlight, brake switches, mirror. I'm going to run all the electronics off of a separate battery. I was trying to figure out where the battery should go and looked into back tire racks and stumbled upon a stealthy looking one that clamps to the seat post. I'll use it to mount my plate, brake light, and hold my battery.

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    I made some progress getting my bike street legal. Made a mounting plate out of 1/4 aluminum for my headlight, and switches, it's nothing fancy but it does the job and is solid. Also got mini momentary switches epoxied into the brake levers-for the brake light. Mounted the brake light and did some of the wiring. Just need to finish up the wiring and make a box or mount for my battery-4 cell lipo. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    I finished up my bike last night, time to hit the road! The brake lights are functional and the LED light is more than bright enough! image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    That bike is definitely ready for deer hunting season.
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    Nice build. Similar to what I want for my next build which will be a 2 stroke possibly on a mountain bike. Currently I'm working out how to make my 4 stroke motorized bike more street legal (lights, mirrors etc.) So far I just have one of those cheap $8 bicycle turn signal/brake light things, have it registered and I'm waiting on some motorcycle mirrors because one of the mirrors I have broke and the ones I'm getting look cooler. So far it's like 90% street legal because it doesn't have signal lights in the front or a bright enough headlight for daytime use.

    Really wish we could run motorcycle lights through the HS142 4 stroke engines. It would make street legalizing motorized bikes a whole lot easier.
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    Yeah the motors don't generate much juice, that's why I ran a separate battery for all my electronics. I went back and forth on the blinkers and from what I can gather I decided to skip that. Headlight, running light, brake light, dot helmet, reg, left side mirror, and appropriate license is what I'm rolling with, until I get stopped and hassled about blinkers I think it's just too much. I'm really happy with my bike so far, couple things I'm looking into is upgrading my front fork to a suspension fork, and picking up one of those "speed carbs". I also found some left over hobby LED light strips I had and made a functioning plate light, I'll post a pick when it gets dark enough.
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    Went for about a 40 minute drive today. The weather was really nice and I wanted to keep going but still breaking the motor in. Another thing I notice is about 20-25 min of riding and my hands are numb!! I'm wearing decent padded gloves but the little 2 stroke produces a lot of vibration! I'm hoping that when I upgrade my front fork to a suspension fork it will dampen some of the vibration.