Can Anyone Give Me Plans

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by KNIGHTRIDER, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Can anyone give me plans on how to build one of these motorixed bikes that are on the homepage of this site thanks appriacte it

  2. steveadicks

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  3. bird

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    no offence those plans are a little haggard, and ive been seeing alot of mistakes with people running the sproket facing the wrong way. doesnt your chains rub the crap out of your tires.
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    Aug 4, 2006
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    My sprocket faces the right way for my bike. It might be different for some other bikes. I whipped that FAQ and guide up in a hurry at the start of this site as I kept getting e-mails with people asking the same questions and I didn't yet have a forum where people could discuss answers.

    I have been meaning to get back there and make it better but I never get around to it. If you want to do some editing or write a new one, I can post one for you.
  5. bird

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    i just took a bunch of pics i just have to write every thing up but i can have it done maybe tonight or tomorrow.
  6. mrsaxman99

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    bird, please do!

    I am a little confused as to how to wire the throttle. Also it looks as if there are 2 adjustment screws and one choke level maybe? I would love to get some visual confirmation on the operation of these!
  7. bird

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    here is the guide i used when i first built my bike its off the grubee inc website and its pretty easy when u see the pics.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Bird, I have built several bikes so far and I have not gotten the sprocket on the first shot yet. Even on like frames, sometimes it is dished out sometimes out. The most important thing is that your alignment is correct and I check this by using a steel rod run accross the rear sprocket to the front. This can't be done until the rear is mounted ant the wheel in place...Kelly
  9. yeah my sprocket faces inwards aswell, I was worried that it would slip off if it was facing outwards, but now I'm too lazy to reverse it!
  10. mrsaxman99

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    Okay one quick question....should the carb go together like this (with the sliver washer on top so that the gold pin is fixed and travels with the cylinder):


    Or with the sliver washer underneath the black pin hold, so that the gold pin can float up and down on it's own regardless of the cylinder position:


    Thanks guys!
  11. mrsaxman99

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    Thank you...looks like I did it correctly.

    Now I just have to figure out how to adjust the chain...
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    One final question.

    I just wanted to make sure that the kill switch goes to the third wire coming out of the engine. I thought at first that this was the accessory output for a headlight or something. But I don't know where the kill switch would connect then (I have the other two wires going to the coil, as the colors match up).

    Thanks for the help!
  13. gone_fishin

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    ideally, the kill-switch should be tied into the blue wire, the intention is to ground the signal to the CDI unit...

    my "snake-bite" kill-switch:
    maybe a club "trademark?"

    i used the spring-metal from the cheapo switch, used the nut and screw on one end, a heavier piece of wire at the other, spliced in with the blue. wrap it all up in electrical tape...should last forever 8)
  14. mrsaxman99

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    i'm not in front of the bike right now. Is blue the third wire coming out of the engine? If so, what do you use for the accessory voltage out?
  15. gone_fishin

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    blue is feed to the CDI, black is ground back to magneto, white is 3W/6-7V output.
  16. Steve

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    I haven't run it yet, but my instructions say the white wire goes to the kill switch. :?
  17. mrsaxman99

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    wait a tick...I get it. You both are correct. You can use the white as a voltage accesory output...but when you short it (attach the kill switch), it sucks all the power and dumps it to ground (the frame of your bike), and sends no power to the coil.

    This is why if you run a light that sucks too much power, your engine won't run.

    Thanks guys!
  18. gone_fishin

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    yup, steve, you're right, also, but ideally you should only be "dumping" the CDI signal 8)