Can anyone help me with my paint job?

Sergey Timoshenko

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Apr 10, 2019
So I decided to repaint my bike, and I had 3 coats of primer then 3 coats of color coating, now when it came to clear coat, this is a different story. When I put 1 coat of clear coat, immediately the paint starts making cracks and bubbling up, please help. Tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’m really confused
Thanks in advance


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Nov 16, 2015
Where did you buy the paint? The paint department there should be able to guide you in this project. They actually know a lot about paints and are not just there to mix and stock stuff.


Jan 3, 2019
You need to use a primer and a base coat that is compatible with your clear coat. The base colour will appear dull. The clear cost is what gives it is shine. Most spray bombs are an acrylic enamel and don't react well with clear coats. Sounds like you're going to be sanding it down and staying over. :(

Old Busted Hotness

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Jul 2, 2018
I used the Rust-oleum enamel spray paint with rust-oleum clear coat: shouldn't those 2 paints be able to go together
You'd think so, but I've found Rust-Oleum to be real finicky when it comes to recoat times. You either have to spray the next coat within 15 minutes or wait a day. Rust-Oleum color coat will attack Rust-Oleum primer this way, and I have no doubt their clear will attack the color coat similarly. If you're using rattle-can clear, be aware that a lot of them will yellow over time.

If you have a decent compressor, invest in a spray gun and shoot automotive urethane clear. It goes over just about anything (including cured Rust-Oleum) and has a fantastic gloss, if you do it right. It's a pain in the ass and requires a respirator (truly nasty stuff). Otherwise, single-stage color from a rattle can.