Can anyone ID this bicycle. Is it a a good bike to build on?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bigkev81, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. bigkev81

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    Hi guys and girls :)

    I am currently planning to try and install an engine kit myself on a chopper style bicycle.
    I have found one close by that I am thinking of buying, but there aren't many details about the bike so I can't google any specs on it.

    Can anyone ID the type of bike this is? And do you think its a viable candidate for a hassle free installation?


  2. Frankenstein

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  3. crassius

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    you'll need an offset motor mount and unusual rear sprocket since circumference of rear wheel is small

    you may also have difficulty convincing a cop that it is a bicycle rather than a motorcycle

    got one in back yard I repaired 5 years ago and guy never came back to pick it up
  4. bigkev81

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    Thanks people :)

    As long as I can source those partss online, I don't mind.
    I have always loved Harley Davidsons, so this won't be ridden as often. My beach cruiser will be my daily rider. The chopper will be painted and airbushed to become a prized possession I add to my collection. I may ride it on the rare occasion when I want to turn heads, hahah. Well maybe the heads of the kids, and the big boys who never grew up and still love their toys :)
    But for the rest of its life it will be in my living room as a display piece.
    Man I'm queer, lol, no wonder my friends think I'm a weirdo lol
  5. Frankenstein

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    Not so weird you don't have friends, and I would assume enough skill to get new ones and monopolize on it.

    Anywho, the bike pictured is definitely not a schwinn, it's a copy cat, a very good looking one I may add, on the theme of chopper style bikes. I also saw this on Craigslist earlier this month, at 575, it's very tempting. 01313_bKOZFW0a6RQ_600x450.jpg
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    Well, I pulled thre trigger and I bought it. I bid on it on ebay and luckily enough I won it for the starting bid price.
    Going off the links that Frankenstein posted, it looks like this bike retails for $475AUD brand new.
    I got mine for $160AUD and its still in pretty good nick.
    Apparently the guys son only rode it few times and then he got interested in Go-karts. And he decided to sell the bike since he needed to by a Go-kart trailer. So lucky me.

    I just picked it up and I love it. Even as is, I think it looks beautiful. Man I wish I had a real Harley, lol
  7. Frankenstein

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    Just a tad over 1 and a half kermits? Damn willing to ship it here to the Americas for a small price up? That's a beautiful bike!
  8. Frankenstein

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    Oh and on the word of display peices and weirdos, my wife works at a local but large scale supermarket, the manager of the store put his schwinn lowrider all decked out in chrome and dripping with fancy add-ons (seriously some kinda museum piece at that point) right on top of the seasonal isle as a display piece for the store. If anyone has a weirdo ego boost issue, it's that guy. I couldn't see him spending less than 3 grand on it...
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  9. JunkyardDog

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    That is a close copy of the now defunct Chinese made Schwinn Sting Ray. I hop it is built better than the Schwinn. I've seen the frame on those break without a motor. The metal is paper thin and the welds are weak. Many have been motorized, I don't know how many of them have broke.

    I have been searching for a Giant Stiletto on Craigslist for years. Staton makes a motor kit specifically for them.
  10. Frankenstein

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    Well for 575 and a trip to a place about 45 miles north of Philly and it's yours lol