can anyone identify this engine?

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    It's a 43 c.c. 2 stroke according to the decal on the pull starter.
    it's all encased in plastic shrouding but i don't see a mfg. name on it anywhere.
    I'm pretty sure that it's a cheap throw away engine, but i'm trying to find out the mfg. of it.
    It's actually a pretty powerful engine for what it is, and it has a centrifugal clutch. I would estimate that it goes anywhere from 20-25 mph with me on it (i weigh 150 pounds). it goes quite a bit faster when my 10 year old son rides it because he only weighs like 70 pounds.
    I picked this Boreem scooter up for $20.00!
    Yes, $20.00 and I had to re-assemble a few peices, drain the 3 year old gas out of it, clean out the carb and adjust it, adjust the brakes and clean the entire scooter. I also had to air up the tires, but I had to fully remove the rear wheel to get to the valve stem because it's hidden by the rear sprocket.
    Everything works(lights, turn signals, electric start, horn). It has a 12 volt rechargeable battery under the deck, and it actually holds a charge after being un-charged for 3 years.
    so can anyone identify the engine?
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    y y y you mean it might not be racing only? :p

    nice score....if i could see all of it! **** this lousy net connection!
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    ha only.
    you know that's just a sticker to get people to think that it's something special.
    so is it or isn't it a good engine? i know that it's on a toy-ish scooter, but it would be cool to maybe adapt the engine to something else (like maybe a little red wagon or something).
    But it does have quite a bit of power for what it is.
    The exhaust is totally quiet because it has a weedeater style box muffler, and then the big chrome secondary muffler coming out ot if. To me, this thing is probably choking because i'm sure that it doesn't flow very well.
    i think it would be funny to add an expansion chamber, a good flowing air filter and nitrous to it.
    think about this engine on a little red wagon(with a go kart front axle, steering wheel and steering shaft coming up through the floor replacing the big handle on the front), some slicks from a go kart, aluminum rims, and maybe a set of wheelie bars in the back.
    I would mount the engine in the rear and then put a seat of some sort in front of the engine.
    it's just a thought, but it would be pretty cool. It wouldn't have enough power to pull a wheelie, plus the centrifugal clutch wouldn't allow it.
    but, it would be simple to pull the motor off the scooter and then mount it on something else.
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    for that engine, i recommend you look on fleabay for the 1/5 scale buggy pipes. they shooooould bolt straight on and give you some wheelstands :D

    but 20 bucks! has it even been used before? pity that fool that didnt list it on fleabay first!

    thats a generator between the starter isnt it?
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    Definitely the bargain of the month. You did a great job of defibrillating the motor and cleaning up the chassis. You have one lucky 10 year old.
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    It is a dynamo.
    It both acts like an electric motor to start the engine and acts like a generator and powers the charging system. A pretty trick device!
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    yes, it was bought, ridden like 5 times and then the kid crashed into a fence with it (that was 3 years ago). the headlight was bent and the lens was missing from the crash.
    I made a new lens out of plastic from a c.d. case and put in a new 12 volt bulb. It works like a charm and you can't tell that the lens is home made.
    then, over the past 3 years it was sitting in the garage and the kid decided to experiment to see what the insides of an engine looked like.
    He assumed that he really tore into the engine, but all he really did was remove some of the plastic shrouding, the air filter, the carb and unplugged the spark plug wire from the plug.
    It appeard to be "all torn apart" to the seller, but i knew better just by looking at it.
    I didn't offer the $20.00 for it, i asked how much he wanted for it and his reply was "$20.00 firm. I have no idea if it even runs anymore because the engine is all torn apart."
    It was all dirty and nasty looking with flat tires, the busted headlight hanging off of it, plastic peices laying looked a lot worse to someone who knew nothing about engines than it really was.
    I figured that since it's a 2 stroke and the engine was all together, it should run because the engine was not seized up or anything.

    As gearnut said, the thing by the pull starter doubles as a generator and the electric starter (dynamo).
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