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    I am in the process of building a Schwinn OCC and I need better parts than what comes in a kit. I purchased a 80 cc. kit off e-bay and in my opinion the parts ain't worth using. they are cheap and flimsy made. I did get myself a manic mechanic rear sprocket and adapter, one in 40 tooth and one in 44 tooth. I also got a motor mount made just for the OCC. and some old motor cycle grips and throttle. anyone have any suggestions for a clutch and brake levers??, I do not want plastic...and I would like to put lights on it as well. thank you, jimmy coyote

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    You can also improve on the chain tensioner or figure out how to remove it with the proper links or engine placement. I think the real downsides of the kit are the nuts that come with the kit. You will definitely need to double nut, loctite, or friction nut key components to the engine. Cheers
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    some folks hang the tensioner under the frame to clear the back brake - many go for a tiny sprocket since the rear tire is so small in diameter
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    bakaneko. thanks. I already have one that fits on my motor. I might need another though
    Ya!, Thanks

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    I see in that pic that your master link clip is on backwards - you want opening away from direction of chain travel.