Can anyone recommend five flags motorbikes?

Wow, sweet bikes. I love the rack mount cruiser. I wonder if they are good quality?
Bill, that tall fella from Pleasant Grove who brought me that really tall bike, (in this thread):

He called some company in Miami and this 5-flags before deciding to have me do it, to the best of my recollection, the sales rep at both places gave him false and/or bogus infomation on availability, not knowing he was researching the matter pretty thoroughly.

He liked the bike however !! The quality "looks" good, but we all now know how misleading info causes more problems than solutions.

Hopefully a 5-flags customer will join, and give us the scoop.

But the "mis"information turned him off, because he knows how the industry is going to grow.
I bought a MX-5 from them a few years ago. They shipped it pretty fast, service overall was OK.
TexasPaddler, did you ever order from them?? I'm checking out their stuff right now, doesn't look at all professional. Thanks.
I bought a frame mount 50cc engine from them once. You know the engine that goes above the pedals. It was a really good engine. Never had any problems with it, and they replaced my chain when I accidently cut it too short. NO CHARGE. I do not know anything about the bike you are going to buy but my 50cc was awsome. I ended up selling the bike to one of those repeat offender guys with no license. Do not know what happended to it after that.
TexasPaddler, did you ever order from them?? I'm checking out their stuff right now, doesn't look at all professional. Thanks.
I bought the folding gas bike from 'em, & I've had quite a few problems, but I'm still not sending it back. The twist grip throttle came broken, prolly due to shipping. The replacement twist grip broke when I jumped over a curb. The kill switch they gave me didn't work. I bought $5 handle grips & already had a spare brake lever to turn into a thumb throttle lever. The tires suck. The seat squeaks when you pedal. The small mounting bolts fell out, so I had to get some better quality ones & loctite them. The gaskets leak. The gas tank leaks from the threads, but luckily my friend had a spare gas tank that was the same exact fit. I think the front sprocket shoulda been bigger, like 44t instead of 36t. The cruiser has multiple gears, but I don't like derailers.

Most of these problems are related to other Chinese engines & products. I feel like I prolly woulda had to fix/mod these specific parts anyway if I got a Happy Time kit. But it's gettin' there. For starting out at $500, having the dual freewheels & the handle/mounting plate for the engine are pretty crucial to me. I couldn't imagine a motored bike build without these two things now. The handle makes it soo easy to pick the rear of the bike up & carry it upstairs. Oh yea, the full suspension & rack mount are pretty nice, too. I'd give it a C+ or B- overall.
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No doubt the customer service is poor. The owner called me a SOB just for me trying to say something; I was trying to make sure he understood what I was saying to him.

Even with the problems, I still love the bike. It could be better, but I knew what I was getting into for $500. Plus, I'm pretty much getting to build it myself, but I know everything bolts up & fits exactly as is. Personally, I believe I got my money's worth.
Thanks, sooner...I actually read that, hard to judge the he-said he-said stuff. I figure at least he posted and defended himself. When I said doesn't look professional, I meant their web site. Pay someone the clean it up and have it look presentable :) That kind of stuff really scares me away. Even the hackers who put up fake web fronts know better, actually they make it REALLY nice, can't trust that either :).

Thanks sparky. Guess the guy really doesn't care for repeat business. I'll look elsewhere.