Can anyone tell me what they think of this bike ?? will it work properly

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by beachcruiserman, Oct 4, 2007.

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  2. iRide Customs

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    You might have a problem mounting th engine on that frame. If you notice, the cranks are set more forward that a regular cruiser and the sprocket may interfere with the engine...almost guaranteed.

  3. azbill

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    good eye dan
    I totally missed that important detail :shock:
  4. Dockspa1

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    Looks like it would fit but of course like they said, you would have to build a riser mounting plate for clearance of the sprocket.
    Looks like plenty of room though.
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :cool:like Doc said, the engine will fit.

    with a custom flat mounting plate,there's a lot of engine space, although the engine will sit high.

    then you can install TWO engines, side by side.:shock:

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  6. hey can i get some opinions on whether or not to put my kings 80cc on this bike? It is the only bike I have now. I scrapped it from a city wide garbage dump week, when everyone throws out large garbage. It was all messed up and bent rims and all, so I took it and got some new rims, tires and tubes, and let me tell, you.. it is one of the SMOOTHEST bikes I have ridden--ever!

    any pros and cons to my future build will be kindly appreciated..

    thanks, gus[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

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  7. JemmaUK

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    The glaring problem I can see myself is whether the frame will take the extra stress - it might be better to put one of the rack mount engines on but then you would need to muck around with the rear fork etc. You wouldnt have the raw power - but you'd have a similiar top end and less stress to the frame generally

    It reminds me of a racer I used to have (I think its still in the garage at my parents place) - I once managed 53mph down layer hill lol - that was interesting trying to stop..

    It would make a wonderful bike though and one of the 49/70 engines would look good, its just the durability thing that slightly worries me..

    Jemma xx
  8. turbo/chaos

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    hey iv done it trust me nice comfy once you get the right seat fast and fun mine is called the city pounder iv a old 72 pegut from alaskavan hey van thank man but be carful in the rain ther is a new tire out that has mud groves on tghe side and slicks on top for this bikes ther like 15 but some shops charge 25 but hey need pointers pm me man and good luck

    but yeah stock 65cc type d did 45 in the speed bike but blew the bushing well that motor is out for now but can be done on a 27inch 44t hard to chew but the engine payed the price

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  9. ocscully

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    Go For It


    I wouldn't have any problems motorizing that bike. If there is a weak point, my guess would be the wheels, not the frame. Since these kits are all set-up to drive the rear wheel using the spokes, you just want to be sure that the rear wheel is properly tensioned. I'd also put the largest size tire you can find that will fit in the frame and fork on it as well. If the wheels are 700c you will have a lot of options for larger tires, but if they are 27in., your choices are limited.

    If what you really want is a beach cruiser you could sell your current bike on your local craigslist. Advertise it as a good beginning for what is called a fixed gear bike/project. Older lugged road frame sets with horizontal dropouts are selling for a preimum these days due to the fixed gear craze. Or offer it for trade for a good quality beach cruiser.

    One other thing if the seat height as shown in the photo is your correct seat height, the the bike is way to large for you, and you might want try and trade it for somethig that fits better.

    good luck,
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  10. Jim H

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    That looks to be about what, 22-23 inch frame? Good for 6'2"!
  11. will an 80cc fit this frame, with or without mods, and some opinion please...!!!

    hey guys, I found this cruiser to be real groovy, but im having second thoughts on whether a kings 80cc will fit in the frame. I think it will just as long as I create some kind of custom mounting to clear the pedal sprocket . advice needed as soon as possible..

    thanks guys

    ps heres the link:
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    i've merged all 3 of your (new topic) bicycle questions into one topic...

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  13. check out the groovy cruiser...

    wat up guys, I stumbled upon this awsome cruiser beach bicycle and I think that i could put my 80cc on it no prob, with maybe some minor mods to the frame mounts and so on, but I would like an opinion on performance, i mean, how well do guys think this build will work out for me . I need advice before I buy the bike, you know how it is...

    here is the link, and thanks for your time
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  14. skyl4rk

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    I think I have the same frame, it was a Spookytooth build.

    Seems to be a sturdy frame.

    There are two things I would change:

    1. the crank needs to have less teeth, it is geared too high, or I could have gone with the multispeed version

    2. I am going to cut 2" off of the handlebar ends to allow for a slightly more forward seating position.

    I like the frame, it is solid. No problems with things rattling apart and falling off yet.

    Do a search on how to make the top tube into a gas tank. It is a little work but might be worth it with the big top tube. Eyeballing it, I think it will have close to the same volume as one of the regular bolt on tanks.

    I think the manufacturer calls this frame a Greenline 107.

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  15. the tensioner

    hey buddy, do you possibly think there is a way to use the army bike you built with a direct engine to sprocket drive (without the use of the chain tensioner). For some reason, I have MAJOR problems with my tensioner all the time, it gets loose, and the chain de-rails and ends up wrecking something. I tried everything, threadlock red, nylock bolts and nuts, and nothing, I think the tube I have it attached to is too small in diameter.. I mean i don't know what else to do but completely eliminate it. any thoughts??????

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