Can Global Positioning (GPS) find safer or accommodating routes in the big city?

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    Living in a metropolitan area it pays to be a wily old fox when it comes to busy traffic. I'm thinking of how to use a GPS in town. Thanks to my little GEBE rig I've increased the range around town for my bike. And like a wiley old fox I've started to take greater pains in planning trips deeper into the city. So my planning Mainly is to keep busy traffic to a minimum even if it means a longer way round. I don't mind meandering a little on side streets if it minimizes traffic exposure. In older urban areas there are some fine thoroughfares long forgotten by more modern and busier traffic. As well as many suburban side street that parallel the busier routes in most towns. I'm thinking that a good GPS can spot those interesting old routes on the fly as your about town. Sure I could Google or even paper map my way around but if you can use a GPS to peruse the city that just adds to the adventure in my book. I'm hoping maybe others are Global Positioning this way and indeed this sounds like rediscovering a new way about town can be high adventure. In the mean time I've ordered the Garmin Nuvi 1300T for about $170.

    Stay tuned.

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    While using a GPS while traveling you generally have three options depending on which unit you get. Marine which I use ($1200.00 unit) will give you as the "crow flys" until you add way points. On over the road units you have "shortest route", "fastest route" and a combination depending upon way points installed. Although a GPS will let you see other roads along your route. They will not search out what you are looking for, although a route can be imported prior to starting a trip.
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    My GPS flips out when I am in Manhattan because of the reflections from the skyscrapers. I hear an external antenna helps though....