Can I change the header mount position?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Padovani, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Padovani

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    Hi friends,

    I searched for this stuff but found nothing...

    So, I just finished the mounting of a 2 stroke 58 cc engine kit in my bicycle. But I had a problem with the CDI fixation. The spark plug wire is kind of short, and it did not reach the front tube.

    As the engine´s header of this kit don´t have the spark plug connection on the vertical position but yes on a "inclined" direction, I decided to change the position of the header 180 degrees, and the spark plug is now pointing no more to the back but to the front of the bicycle.

    This modification allowed the CDI to be fixed easily to the front tube frame, but I´m still concerned about the engine working.

    I´ll do the first attempt to starting the engine tomorrow, and I really would like to ask if this inversion on headers, or better, the inversion on spark plug´s position can be done, or otherwise it will compromise something.


  2. HeadSmess

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    doesnt matter.

    what you want to say is "i have a slant plug head, can i spin it round so the plugs more convenient?"

    yes, yes you can.

    the inside of a slant head is symmetrical. doesnt matter which way it goes.

    slant heads suck ;)

    slant heads are better with "projected" gap plugs (ie bP5HS) (some people advocate the multi-point plugs, or platinum/iridium... but theyre the people who usually sell them with a 250% markup.... :D )
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Aside from reversing the head.........

    The spark plug wire unscrews from the CDI and can be replaced
    with a longer wire / cable and cap from a car.
  4. Padovani

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    First, thanks about the "slant" and "spinning round" input. This really simplify the explanation of my problem...!! As I don´t usually speaks english everyday, it is very difficult to explain the problems using the right words...

    Well, I did the test and the bike works!!! :grin5::grin5::grin5: It was pretty hard on the beginning, but when I decided to try without the choke, the engine cames immediatly!!! Then after a little warm up, I´ve set the idle and the engine stops dying. Unfortunately, the rain finished more fun with the HT!

    Thanks HeadSmess!
  5. Padovani

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    Yes, yes friend... I found this information in many posts on the forum, but I really did not found this screw on my CDI that allows the remotion of the spark plug cable!!!

    It seems that every cable that leaves the CDI is armored with a black solid resin, ie, everything is encapsulated... (again, difficult to explain in english... hehehe)
  6. lazydog

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    There isn't a screw to loosen, The entire cable can unscrew out of the CDI. The screw is in the center of the cable keeping it attached to the CDI.
  7. Padovani

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    Now it makes sense!!!

    Thanks Lazydog, very good to know that!