Sprockets Can I do this to my rear sprocket mount?


Irish John

Hi guys & gals,
I'm mounting my customised sprocket mounting for a 48T sprocket on a Shimano 7 spd internal geared hub. It's a Honda\Grubee frame mount and the mounting brackets, clamps and rubber clamp pads are the same as any normal sprocket mounting kit except these are all bigger radius to fit the big rear hub.
My question is this: can I leave out the steel clamping bracket between the sprocket and the spokes and just use a steel clamping bracket on the inside of the spokes to tighten the nuts against. These clamps were very hard for me to make and they are beautiful but expensive. Why use one on the inside of the sprocket? Why not just let the sprocket itself act as the steel clamp and then I'd have a spare one for my next build using this model of Schwinn. This would save me a lot of money. I've got 2 pics below so you can see what I mean. The order of the clamping sandwich would be bolt head, sprocket, rubber clamp, spokes, rubber clamp, steel bracket, nut. The usual sandwich but omitting one steel clamp. Am I being a tight-fisted meanie or am I being sensibly frugal?


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As long as you are still talking about the spokes going between the rubber washers, go for it. I use both metal plates inside the hub and none against the sprocket. the sprocket rests against the outer rubber washer directly and it has worked fine for me.
If it clears the coaster arm and keeps your sprocket aligned and it doesn't get too close to the spokes then go for it!
One trick I used on MOOP 2 was to use machine bolts 1/4 inch phillips head. It made my sprocket flush thereby clearing my coaster. It's only grade 2 but it's holding rather well.

But I see though why you made that adapter bigger for that reason I bet.

So how did you machine that? What material did you get for the rubber?
Thanks good buddies - 10-4 rubber sprocket

Thanks HoughMade & Large. Your opinions will allow me to sleep like a baby. I'll try it using one steel clamp (2 piece instead of those silly 3 piece ones. Why ever did they cut then in three?) and if it's too close to the spokes I'll use more rubber.
That Phillips head idea is a good'n Large but I have enough space between sprocket and the coaster arm to drive the real Indian Pacific through sideways so I needn't use them here.
HoughMade why don't you take a winter break in sunny Byron Bay and come and do my throttle linkage cos I don't understand your springs 'n struts although I'm sure it works just great. I'm actualy scared of the throttle problem. If I don't know something I become worried and then I get scared and lose sleep. Anyway I'm happy to get your advices on the clamps.
What are you riding these days Large? 4-stroke or a Jackshafted HT? Both I'll bet.