Can I find an extra large gas tank anywhere?

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  1. artmaker

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    First, here's my bike.

    It's got the standard gas tank. Only holds about a half gal.
    I'd LOVE to have a bigger tank. Did a google search and found some but it says those are made for a Honda. Thought I'd better post here first and get some more expert advice.

    I don't weld and don't really know anyone who can so making one is out.
    And I really don't want the bike altered. But a tank that both hung over the sides a bit, and went further back towards the seat would sure hold more fuel.

    Thanks in advance.

    OH.... it is possible I could get one made. Not sure on this, but my kid goes to the county tech center as part of his HS. They have manufacturing ability.
    NOt sure if they would do this for me or not but if so, what should I know about designing my own?

  2. azbill

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    I think Mike Simpson (motorbikemike) just got some large whizzer tanks
    they are 1.2 gallons I believe :)

    hope that helped ;)
  3. mountain80

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    BGF sells the 4L ones on ebay.
  4. artmaker

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    Has anyone got a direct link? I tried looking at your signature files. Can't find anything other than what I already have.
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  7. artmaker

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    azbill I only see one gas tank there and it looks identical to mine.
  8. artmaker

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  9. azbill

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    can't help with the stretched tank :(...
    but those skirted fenders look pretty sweet !!! :):):)
  10. artmaker

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    Thanks Bill. Just pulled it out of the garage for the first time this year. Man that thing is hard to fire up the first ride out. And I'm SO out of shape this time of year after sitting on my arss all winter long.

    I found a slightly bigger tank on spookytooth for 20 bucks. I think I'll just go ahead and order that.
  11. jauguston

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    How about a older HD Sportster "peanut" tank? 3 1/4 gallon.

  12. imjakethesnake

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    i got the 1 gal tank from and it was just like the kit tanks but stretched out like your photoshopped picture, so if you ordered the 1 gal youd be happy with it most likely. i have pics up on my profile for a preview (of the half gal from the kit and the 1 gal tank)
  13. artmaker

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    I wrote to Spookytooth this site.
    They have one they call 3/4 gal. Slightly bigger than the half gal. But the picture I found of the one gal (forgot the site now) look identical! They agree. Not sure if that other site got cheap on the photo and just used one from the smaller tank, OR if it doesn't really hold a gal. Spookytooth's tank is only 20 bucks so I told them I'd probably order that, But then....

    I sent them links to my two pictures. (Go back to page one.) Said in my dreams I'd love that longer tank.

    Well... get this. Few days later I got a reply. They have a fabricator who looked at my images and said they could probably do it. For about 125.00.

    I told them what folks here said about the curve of my bar and how it wouldn't sit right. But mostly, I just spent my mad money restocking my craft supplies. This will have to wait till I get more sales. BUT.... I'm really excited now. If they can build a tank just like my image, that has GOT to hold more than a gal! And not be too wide. Go long not wide. (Maybe slightly wider is ok.)

    There is another snag in all this. I can't for the life of me see how the mounting brackets attach to this bike. I bought it with the motor already installed. I've got a full tank there and it's been cold and rainy. I need to burn up most of the gas then I can take that tank off and see how those brackets are attached. That may blow this whole idea out of the water.
    But we'll see.
  14. jared8783

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    you sure do got a nice looking bike

    I got a cruiser as well (with a curved bar)

    If ya ever do get this custom fabricated tank dont forget to post up here how it worked out

    If it goes well for ya I might just do the same
  15. tractorboy8420

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    just check the venders, piston bikes, gass bikes, piratecyceles, just naming some, you can find them right here on the forum on the left side of the page, i got mine from piston bikes but i know the rest have them too!, (i am not a vender or a seller, i am sugesting where too look for tanks for standerd 2 stroke bike kits.) (feel free to take this down if it violates eny rules, and if it does sorry, i am new to this and dont quite understand the rules, haha, sorry.)
  16. artmaker

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    I appreciate the tips tractorboy8420 but you really should read the whole thread first.
    My last post especially. I FOUND someone who will custom build a tank exactly the way I want. I did look at piston bikes. They have the same old tank everyone has.
    Go look at my images. That stretched tank is what I'm shooting for.
    (Just had a big sale yesterday, might be close to ordering this one soon.)
  17. tractorboy8420

    tractorboy8420 New Member

    oh, so sorry, i was in a rush at that point and thought i could help, i did not notice that you wanted a completely custom tank, my bad, glad you found a good deal though! next time i will try and read them all!
  18. smokie old bikes

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    Try Bulldog I Ve Got Three One Gallon Ones From Them Like The Small Ones That Come With The Kits They Were Thirty Four Dollars At The Time I Bought Them There Phone Number Is 1-800-514-8435 Smokie Old Bikes
  19. artmaker

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    Couldn't find a "bulldog" distributing, googled that phone number and came up with a "birddog" distributing though. Only the only stuff they seem to sell are lights. Nothing for bikes at all.
  20. RedBaronX

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    I know you already found someone who will make you a custom tank, but for anyone else looking at this thread who might be looking for a larger tank, I just got this one the other day

    It's fat, but still smaller than someone's suggestion of a Harley peanut tank. It's not going to be too fat for me to pedal the bike. 1.6 gallons.