can i have $275 in gas please


Local time
9:45 AM
May 1, 2008
windy city
i never can tell when a powow is goin to start i went to get gas today at a place that all the state cops hang at ..(i forgot about that ) there was a young cop talking to the the lady that worked there behind the counter i asked him if he had heard any new laws on pedacycles if he new the speed limit he said no but gave me the laws that i new there is 3 new ones for us in Chicago that are all cool ,,well i get my full tank it just takes one person to ask me something and i talk to them about the bike ..then there is a flock of people around me asking stuff u guys no the same ole stuff ...i dont mind i just say u should see it when it clean lol i have been riding this bike every day to work from the first pull after i made it lol folks are always asking for my cell i give it not one has called me back ....yet but its fun that they all want to know and i can help spread the word iam really happy the cops been so cool about this in my state here and sorry for thos that havin issues with the law keep the shinny side up
I made up some cards to keep in my pocket. It has this site,Dax's site my user name and the name of my bike kit. Some of the guys I talk to don't have internet service so I encourage them to see the site in our local library.
I keep at least 10 written down cards on me and some in my tool pouch.
I mean everyone seems to want in on all this.
One guy here,Denverdolan chased me down and then put up some pics in the picture gallery. He has a friction drive and couldn't believe how fast I was going.
A lot of the old timers are into Whizzers. Some almost didn't believe me when I tell them Whizzer is still very much alive and well with new models.
People will see. This is the answer to our problems as long as the weather is nice. We even get twice the MPG compared to a scooter averaging 70 MPG. Heck. It just needs to not be snow on the ground and I'm good year long.
YEA I havent told anyone about this site i just tell them dont buy anything from revboy i know dax and you are friends thats cool i just let them make there own call hey iam thinking about a new bike wait ontill u see the next bike iam goin to sell the jag i put a ht 80 cc on it i have 2 new kits here waiting on 2 new bikes i will keep one sell the jag and the new bike
MasterLink -- glad your state is - MB friendly

also good riding here in Calif

I have referred many to this site
but now also --
we have a bicycle shop nearby selling Station products
being fairly happy with Station -- I send them there..

Great day for --- Ride That Thing - Mountainman
Police are very friendly here as well in South Carolina...

Living on the edge of a huge city, I thought I would raise thier temper at me driving around Columbia, but have spoken to two officers now who confirmed there are absolutely NO MB laws on file in the state.

South Carolina is a very cool place to live!