Can I have a list of excellent wheel-smiths

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    I put a GEBE Tanaka 40cc on my 2004 Yeti DH-9.
    The bike uses a special Thru-axle design. I bought a hub and want it laced to a 21x1.6 dirtbike rim with 10 guage stainless spokes. I sent wheelmaster several emails last month, but no replys.... Is there a list of excellent wheel-smiths that are willing to take my business...I don't grumble about cost, just want excellent quality.
    Thank You, VIK

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    surprized to hear that the on site much of the time WheelMaster
    has not gotten back to you ??
    as you probably have noted -- his work is enjoyed by many around here

    well when we owned a bicycle shop we relaced all kinds of spoke wheels
    from light weight bicycle rims right up to Harley rims

    most any bicycle shop -- should be able to do this -- key word -- should

    ride that thing
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    Wheel Master has an excellent reputation for his work....

    Maybe I can give you a Plan B.

    Last week my bike shop guy showed me the difference between a $35 box of 12 gauge spokes and a $100 box.

    You could order the excellent brand in the gauge you'd like, get the wheel re-bored to fit the size, and have the bike shop lace them.

    Just saying, cuz you're so out there in the water and all, it might work out to be a decently priced enterprise.
  4. I'm sorry but I have not recieved any E-mials that I can remember ? I just responded via Yahoo e-mail and hope to hear from you, you can contact me on my comcast E @ hope to hear from you soon and sorry for any delays I may have been un-aware of...
  5. Please remember there are 2 wheelmaster companies, you might have been mis-lead to the other ?
  6. moto wheels

    I've been building motorcycle wheels for 30+ years, and just recently (Past Decade) been building bicycle wheels, this is why I have the luxury of useing Motorcycle spokes on my Superwheels, I have cases and cases of motorcycle spokes, Motorcycle wheels are still my bread and butter to this day but I have enjoyed a large increase in Bicycle wheels, and I have this forum to thank for it ! I am truely gratefull to Roy Carpenter, Augie, Alaska Van, Large Philipino and many other people on this forum for trusting me with their wheels !
    As for the Name Wheelmaster and the problem of Having another company with the same name, it definitely sucks ! all I can do is keep building superior wheels, one way to tell us apart is, my wheels come with a Lifetime Gaurantee, the other Chinese based company does not, nor ever will.
    Having competition is something that I view as healthy, it keeps me on my toes and inspires me to learn more about my craft to keep one step ahead whenever possible, the name Wheelmaster has been solely our own for over three decades, we have a copywrite on the name, but does this apply oversea's ? who knows, not much I can do about it, like I say, I just have to keep doing the best work I possibly can, and hope people will do their best to seek me out and not be confused by the "Other" company, I'm not going to Bash the other guy or whomever they are, I'm the Original Wheelmaster, but since it's merely my Father and I, we're certainly smaller, as a result, more attention to detail would be one of many reasons to try and figure out who is who...... with that being said, please feel free to PM me anytime, or check out my post in the Vendors forum for more details.. thanks All ! Jim...................
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    Good info Wheelmaster,

    I did not know that someone else was using your name also.It's also good to know that you stand behind you product 100% with a lifetime warrenty.I'm glad pride in workmanship and qualitity still mean something these days.Unlike most of the stuff we buy.Keep up the good work.:hurray::hurray::hurray: