Can I have too much lighting?

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    Hello all, I have on my bike now two high powered led head lights, a tail light, a brake light, a flashing tail light, a flashing light on my helmet, led flashing lights on each wheel, and a led flashing reflective vest. I plan to put these on the forks and these on the frame triangle Overkill? I just want to make sure that whoever desides to hit me, cant say they didnt see me when the cops get there. lol.

  2. Runnynoze

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    Naw. It's way better to be seen.
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  3. HeadSmess

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    in fact, you want one specific focussed beam just for pointing at the fools that leave their hi-beams on.

    yeah :) blinded at 100 metres :) thatll learn them!

    :!blank: :!blank: :!blank:
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    You know, I think it actually is possible to have too much lighting. Years and years of bicycling and driving after dark (seen it from both sides) has taught me that lights should be confined to somewhere about where a motorcycles headlight and taillight would be. (Mine tend to be a bit lower. But it doesn't have to be exact. Just close.)

    The reason is that a lot of those drivers out there have a hard time getting the range on cyclists, or others, who have lights spread out everywhere. They can tell that they're seeing something, but they don't know what and they don't know just where until they're far too close. (It doesn't help that it does not occur to them to slow down and proceed cautiously while they're figuring the situation out. But that's that: they don't and we'd better plan accordingly.)

    I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority on this one, but I don't recommend flashers for the very same reason. Though I will put one of my rears and one or two of my fronts on flash in poor visibility.

    I agree with reflective vests. Though mine are purely reflective; no LEDs. But I suspect an LED vest is more good than bad.
  5. Greg58

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    I think as long as it makes you more visible the safer you'll be, I have flashers front and rear that I set on a weird strobing pattern that gets a drivers attention.
  6. butterbean

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    I'm actually inclined to agree with bluegoat on this one. Too many lights can distract drivers, and too bright lights can actually lower their visibility, so while yes you are more visible, the other driver may not be able to see anything else, creating as much or more danger than if you had inadequate lighting.
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    I kept my lighting very simple. My forks have a headlight mount, so I bought a motorcycle headlight, and I installed a bulb containing 60 led's. However, this bulb only produces maybe 400 lumen. I also have a brake light that contains 18 led's and produces around 200 lumen. The headlight and brake light are connected to a battery that is charged via a tire generator and scooter regulator. My tail light is operated by its own battery, but I never put it on flash for two reasons. One, no factory built vehicle has flashing tail lights. Two, I read somewhere that flashing lights are much more difficult to tell the distance of. I have toyed with the idea of turn signals, but hand signaling is easier than trying to fumble with another switch.
  8. Fabian

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    That's exactly my philosophy, considering my bike has 11 front lights (driving lights and strobe lights) and 2 flashing rear lights + a brake light.
    I also run a set of mirrors with integrated indicators.
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    Turn signals on the mirrors! An excellent idea! That has real possibilities......
  10. Fabian

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    Cars have had integrated indicators on the side mirrors for years, and they are very effective. Makes perfect sense to put them on a motorised bicycle, because it's not easy to give a right hand turning signal with your extended arm when trying to hold the throttle open.
  11. butre

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    At a certain point you become a distraction. In my opinion, keep it to headlights and tail lights, and wear a reflective vest. If a driver doesn't see that, there's a good chance he's not going to see you no matter how much lighting you've got.
  12. Fabian

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    My bike has 14 lights. 16 lights if you count the indicators. Four of my 6 trailers have four flashing lights attached; making a total of 16 rearward facing trailer lights, in the port and starboard configuration (red and green).

    When my bike is coming down the road at night, with 6 trailers attached, it's been described as a slow moving, low altitude UFO.
  13. Stoltzee

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    Definitely want to see a video of that at night. You could ride into a shallow pond, and really confuse them too.
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  14. Fabian

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    Now that made me laugh!
  15. Sgt. Howard

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    If you have to dim them at home to protect the paint on your garage...
    If oncoming cops hit their lights but DON'T pursue because they are BLINDED...
    If anyone has ever experienced sunburn symptoms from your night riding...
    If while traveling a stretch in the middle of nowhere, a 747 lines up on you to land...
    If you can melt snow in your path...
    If rain hits the lens and sizzles...
    If you have routinely been tracked by spy satellites...
    If you have ever been mistaken for an oncoming diesel locomotive...
    If you can light your smoke off it...
    You might have too much light
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  16. Fabian

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    Now that's the kind of lighting i'm talking about, then give me an extra 200% of bone penetrating illumination power; leaving x-ray shadows of skeletal body structure scorched into surrounding concrete walls !!!
  17. butterbean

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    Who cares if you blind other drivers and they run off the road, right? Because until that happens, you don't have enough lighting.