Can I motorized a 29 inch Schwinn

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Jacob1331, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. Jacob1331

    Jacob1331 Guest

    The other day I bought a 29 inch Midway Schwinn from and I was wondering if I would have any troubles attaching a 50cc motor to it because all the motors I can find to say that they only fit a 26 - 28 bike

  2. DanTheDIYGuy

    DanTheDIYGuy Member

    You most likely can. Make sure that your frame dimensions will fit the requirements for the kits/engines you look at. You may have to modify your mounts a bit to make it fit correctly. A welder, some bolts, and a drill will help immensely there. Make sure that your chain is long enough. Since you have a larger diameter wheel, you may need to buy some extra chain and connect it with master links. Since your wheel is larger, you may get a higher top speed out of the bicycle, but keep in mind that it will slightly affect your torque.

    Now, this is from a novice at motorized bicycle building. I'm sure the more experienced builders on this forum can add and subtract from above.

    Have a good one!