Can I swap the engine to a different bike

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by powerstroke, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. powerstroke

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    Hi all, I am seriously considering buying DLL bikes 66cc A80 for a cheap deal that ends in 3 days. Is A80 the good ones? or R80? Does it matter? I do want it to last.

    Anyways, I want to mount it on my mountain bike and have some fun, but later down the track, take the engine off and put it on a cruiser or chopper. Is this possible or is the engine permanent stuck on the first bike?

  2. Anton

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    Hey, not sure about the quality of DLL motorised bicycles but maybe someone else on the forum has tried one...

    To answer your other question a motorised bike engine can be simply unbolted and fitted to which ever bicycle you like. Everything bolts on - engine, tank, CDI, chain tensioner, rear sprocket, clutch lever and the throttle handle.
  3. HeadSmess

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    depends what cruiser you try?

    using an old 20 incher is not suitable. youll only get a 48cc in there!

    otherwise, the HT style engines basically fit anything. theres always a bit of fiddling with ideal mounts and stuff, but basically, bolt on :)

    some say use the 66, some say use the 80, and im always going to say, stick to the 48 :)
  4. powerstroke

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    I thought the 66 and 80 were the same, only different displacements considered in different countries.

    Why the 48 if the 66 has more torque?
  5. HeadSmess

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    thats what i thought too but to play it safe im just listing everything :jester: everyones saying something else...what about 69 and 77 and all that :poop:?

    why a 48? cus the only 66 i ever got, by accident, was a lemon from the word go, whereas all 48's have been bulletproof from the box when left alone. having lots of them means i can swap parts and play around without getting seriously :shout:

    the slant head kept warping and leaking cus theyre too thin under the plug, (all of the ones ive seen are just as thin but noone else complains about it?) powerwise i didnt really notice anything, and its been the only HT ive siezed! it surged, it wouldnt wind out nicely, it wouldnt tune up, otherwise great :) i only got to work without pedalling once in that week until my new 48 arrived. home? ha ha. it was only a 5km ride!

    after that, do you think id really want to order a 66?

    i might think theyre better if the stroke/bore was closer to get proportionally more torque with increases in crankpin offset therfore leverage (torque is a measurement of leverage or turning force) than you do by increasing bore sizes.

    long skinny makes slow torque (diesels?) whilst short n wide makes for fast RPM... cbr250?

    plus the 66 uses the same little end bearing as a it transfers more pressure than the 48 does. more load, more inclined to failure.

    i do have an extremely biased opinion :) dont listen to me!

    i can also make tuned pipes that do what theyre meant to do. no lack of torque in my area :) instead of straining the things, they tend to last longer than ever!

    i respect that due to circumstances some people cant fit a pipe that works and must find alternatives :)
  6. Big Red

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    Sorry about your experience with your one and only 66cc headsmess, I think it was just plain bad luck. I use pretty much nothing but the 66cc. I rode both engines and the 49 just dont have the same pull off the line that the 66 has. I know, You can gear it or tune it to do so, But straight from the box the 66 has more torque to get my fat arse off the line. But you have the right idea. If ya stick to one size then you always have the right size part.
    There is also a question of LAW. There are no CC limits on bicycle engines, But there IS a horsepower limit. 2GBH in California. The 66cc is a little over this limit, While the 49cc is a little under it, Thus making the 49 legal in California and outlawing the 66. When Johnny Law figures out a way to determine horsepower ratings on the spot then I'll have to switch. Untill then I'll be an OUTLAW.
    Big Red.
  7. wheelbender6

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    I have swapped my motor kit to a different bike. Started with a mountain bike and later moved the motor to a cruiser for the longer wheelbase. It went pretty quick.