Can only run engine with choke open

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Flamehead5, Nov 28, 2015.

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    Hey all, I just finally finished putting a 4 stroke grubee on my bike (seller called it woodpecker, if that makes any difference) Today I finally gassed it up, and was ready to give it a ride, starting went fine and I was able to turn the choke off and have the engine run. I shut it down with the killswitch a few seconds later as I noticed I had a fuel leak (These kits come with horrible fuel valves, that or something is causing the fuel in the line to back up out of the line)

    I rigged something up really simply so the fuel wouldn't leak onto the engine, opened the choke and started it up again, but this time the engine died when I shut the choke off, and the same thing happens every time I try to start it up again. I assumed it could have been because of the cold but even after letting it idle with the choke on for over a minute it would still die with the choke off.

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong, or if its related to the fuel leaking back out of the line? I would have continued to try and fix it tonight, but my pull cord came out as well...

    Please someone help me fix this 330 dollar disaster :(

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    Ckeck float level 21 or 22 mm will do I run mine choke off constantly no probs!!
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    Going to check that out as soon as I can repair the pull start, any ideas how to accomplish that by the way? The most I'm finding for videos on it are pocketbike demonstrations, another forum said I should order an entirely new starter... but if I can fix it myself I much rather, as I literally poured all my money into this as a last-ditch effort to have transportation (To get a job)
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    you pull the carb off, and open it up, make sure the jets clean and theres no water in the bowl, re assemble...

    erm...3 screws from memory. two holding it to the engine and 1 holding the bowl on, assuming you got a hf142 thingy... does it really need a step by step guide?
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    With those Woodpecker kits, you start the engine with the choke on as usual. Then run it for a couple of minutes. After that turn the choke midway , not completely off. The engine runs stable and idle with the choke half way.
  6. Other possible cause is too much air. Choking kills some air, but makes the motor run? Its getting air from another source. Look for a vacuum leak at the carb, or intake manifold. My 750 sohc did the same. Vacuum leak was the problem. Look for the simple causes before you become bogged down with technical issues. Good luck.