Can someone measure an 80cc china engine for me please?

Courtney Hook

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7:43 PM
Aug 24, 2008
:DI've been cleaning up my MB to install the PowerKing 80cc China Girl engine when it gets here, and am wondering if someone could give me the dimensions of one of these engines before I get too excited. Height, Width, Length would be awesome.
I'm not real sure of the spec on these motors but if your seat post tube is 14 inches or longer, measured from the under side of the top tube to the top of the bottom bracket, then you shouldn't have any problems
hope that helps
From front to back it's about 11.25 inches. From top to bottom counting sprak plug it's about 11 inches. Remember you need to have some extra verticle room so you can take the spark plug out. So, add 2 to 2.5 inches.
Make friends with a local backyard bicycle repairman, you'll need parts on occasion.
If your crank is not wide enough for the engine and it probably will be wide enough, you will be able to get one from him.