Can you achieve a balanced budget?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SimpleSimon, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Here's how I did it.

    As George H. W. Bush once said, "Read my lips - no new taxes!"

    Budget balanced without them.

    Cut foreign aid in half $17 billion $17 billion
    Eliminate earmarks $14 billion $14 billion
    Eliminate farm subsidies $14 billion $14 billion
    Cut pay of civilian federal workers by 5 percent
    $14 billion $17 billion
    Reduce the federal workforce by 10 percent
    $12 billion $15 billion
    Cut 250,000 government contractors
    $17 billion $17 billion
    Other cuts to the federal government
    $30billion $30 billion
    Cut aid to states by 5 percent
    $29 billion $42 billion
    Reduce nuclear arsenal and space spending
    $19 billion $38 billion
    Reduce military to pre-Iraq War size and further reduce troops in Asia and Europe
    $25 billion $49 billion
    Reduce Navy and Air Force fleets
    $19 billion $24 billion
    Cancel or delay some weapons programs
    $19 billion $18 billion
    Reduce noncombat military compensation and overhead
    $23 billion $51 billion
    Reduce the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to 30,000 by 2013
    $86 billion $169 billion

    Enact medical malpractice reform
    $8 billion $13 billion
    Increase the Medicare eligibility age to 68
    $8 billion $56 billion
    Reduce the tax break for employer-provided health insurance
    $41 billion $157 billion
    Cap Medicare growth starting in 2013
    $29 billion $562 billion
    Raise the Social Security retirement age to 68
    $13 billion $71 billion
    Reduce Social Security benefits for those with high incomes
    $6 billion $54 billion
    Tighten eligibility for disability
    $9 billion $17 billion
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    I can do it in one step. And end up with a surplus. It will also be the constitutional way. You can do the math.

    Step One: Fund only items for a national defense and for commerce between states, get rid of all others.
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    You guys forget one thing... Anarchy. What you guys are talking about essentially amounts to austerity. Some of the euro countries Have started down this road and are facing social unrest/rioting as a result. Berkely students have already started violent protest over tuition hikes.... and that isn't billions in budget cuts as proposed above.

    In addition to balancing the budget... what would you do to prevent the almost certain civil war that would follow???
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    Win the War is the plan. I think we are to far down the road to kid ourselves that it can be done peacefully. While I would like people to see reason (that they must support themselves and pay their own way), after 60 years of handouts that is not likely.

    A fun fact. Tuition prices shot up after government funding. Medical costs shot up after Government funding. And recently Insurance prices shot up after Government involvement........see the pattern?
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    I don't envision a civil war, however civil unrest is a certainty.
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    How to deal with civil unrest and rioting in the face of an austerity budget?

    Simple - if in fact an austerity budget is implemented it would basically REQUIRE that American troops and military equipment be returned to the US essentially en masse. Which means that rioters either cease rioting or die under a localized declaration of martial law, with no shortage of troops to enforce it. Don't kid yourselves, either - American troops will fire on American civilians quite readily - lots of incidents from our history demonstrate that fact.

    I live in a city that had a massive civil unrest problem caused by open gang warfare and a complete breakdown of civil control in a wide area - which resulted in President George H. W. Bush ordering the Army into the affected area, in force. APC's, tanks, troops in full gear with loaded weapons - the gang warfare ended, immediately.
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    You guys shouldn't shrug off civil war so fast... you do realize this is at least in part attributable the last war we fought with ourselves. If you don't think so take a close look at who the redistribution benefits.

    Second... What about our conflict with the people who wish to enact sharia. If our troop are somehow drawn from overseas to enable marshal law.... Wouldn't that leave a power void in the most politically unstable area In the world??? With Iran now enriching domestically suplied uranium from iranian sources... Wouldn't this be I'll advisable??? How long do you think it would be before that struggle begins to manifest itself on our shores???