can you keep a secret? i know you can...



i'm going "legal" soon...

confirmed this morning, Golden Eagle is sending me a kit...the Tanaka we'll see what the hoopla's all about.

count on my brutal honesty.

let's keep this news in here until i get things prepared for public disclosure.
I can just about guarantee you will not be disappointed Augie. From my LIMITED experience with that styl of motor is that there is little to no vibration. You probably won't have the power of a Dax but it will get you around. If it's just a form of transportation then I would go rack mount or friction drive...if it's for the cool factor, I would be riding a Mike Simpson Model or something I made.

When do you plan on gettin the engine and are you getting the whole kit?

whole kit with a set of gearing options, extra long throttle cable...shipping this week.

the claim is 30mph "out of the box"...tanaka offers a tuned pipe and a hop-up kit...dennis said i could have a 40mph motoredbike if i wanted...

as far as style, yeah, it's not my first choice. but it is politically correct for me to be riding something "closer to home." i will do my best with the cool-factor, including exploring frame-mount between the extended stays.
sabrina, of course...she's my only love ;)

and she's rock-solid...lots of long-distance rides in my future next summer.
is anyone here aware of dennis' (owner of GEBE) background? i guess mike may be.

apparently, dennis has a souped up shenoah that holds a record at bonneville. if i understood correctly, yamaha and kawasaki complained because he had pedals, officials said "if you think pedals were the difference, go ahead and use some next time."

after our talk, he's convinced he should have a personal look at the forums. another good connection, methinks.

Hi Augi, I actually know nothing at all about GEBE except that when I was searching (in the beginning) I was not interested in rackmounts, and they seemed pricey and odd to me.

I do sometimes wonder how well they might wok, certainly good on folders, and I have 2 worksmans.

i'll be putting the system thru the paces, with an eye to what-works-what-doesn't...belt-drive, of course, really has me looking forward to this.
got a tracking number!

with some luck i'll be unveiling "Sabrina-2.1.GW" next week.

i'm not looking back, either...there will be a free-happy-time-parts-fest here next week, for all my riding buddies in town...

time to start shaking things up around here.