Can you produce steam from a 2-stroke exhaust pipe?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Mercurius, Aug 27, 2009.

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    On my 57' Schwinn Spitfire mens beachcruiser, , I have this engine powering my friction drive installed on the bike.... engine details.html .

    It's LOUD. Louder than my TLE43, by far....

    So lately, I've been getting interested in 'Steampunk' (plz google it), and actually produce some kind of noticeable steam, as a gimmick (although a cool gimmick).

    (here's an actual steam powered bike)

    Needless to say, steam engines are much quieter than 2-strokes.

    Leads me to 2 questions:

    :idea: 1. Is it possible to trickle water over the exhaust pipe of a hot-running 2-stroke to produce steam w/out necessarily trying to muffle the noise?

    :detective: 2. Has anyone tried to implement H2O as a muffling device (think 'waterbong'? Is that possible?

    Weird questions I know. My sympathies to anyone experiencing an anurism due to the questions, or nature of the questions. Thanks.
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  2. Mercurius

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    Here's my bike, just to get an idea of what i'm working with...

    (The Schwinn logo is added using Microsoft Paint, designing a future paint job, decal job, on the engine channel. As of now, it's shiny aluminum, with an orange/black engine as shown in the above link). Thanks.

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  3. toddjlyons

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    Burning flesh steam.......I know! TJ
  4. clay

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    mmmmmmmm...... waterbong
  5. Parah_Salin

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    See I have always wanted to make an inegraded bike-hooka (for tobbacco mind you), where you just have the bowl swpring loaded against the exaust pipe, and then have the water and the hose and everything mounted to the frame...Now if I water cooled my hose it would be too easy to confuse the exaust and tobbacco.

    Now what if you put a water jacket on it, but rather than cooling it in a radiator you vented the steam out pipes/pushed little turbines with it?
  6. happycheapskate

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    Are you trying to build a water bubbler for intake cooling?
  7. motorpsycho

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    the coolest thing to get is scented fuel additive. they make it in strawberry, bubblegum, blueberry and a bunch of other scents. ride by and leave a nice refreshing scent out of your
    seriously, summit and jegs used to sell this stuff, and it's pretty cool.
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    Cherry bomb! I didn't know it still existed! Does it work with catalytic converters or does it just turn into toxic waste like the rest of fumes when they run through those. i hate cat converters.