Can you remember being a Newbie

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    It just so happens that "everything" is recorded for "life" on these types of forums.

    Fortunately i've got a treasure trove of dialogue that the powers higher up the chain of command have recorded when venting my spleen at my earliest attempts of making a hobby out of motorized bicycles.

    Now FrictionNut is well aware of my fondness for Chinese 2-stroke engines and he has to listen to me beating my drum at the reliability they can give, but just to prove i am no hypocrite:

    How it was in the good'ol'days


    Going back to 09-10-2009 (and i was so stressed out that i couldn't even spell my name correctly)


    I've flipped the magnet over and the motor runs with blue wire to blue wire and black wire to black wire, but still makes no power, misfires and won't idle - feels like it runs worse than before.
    It won't run at all with black wire connected to blue wire and black wire connected to blue wire.
    I even connected white wire to blue wire and blue wire to black wire but it did not run at all.
    After that the motor does not run with wires connected either way.
    With sparkplug removed from cylinder and resting on cylinder head, the spark is weak and intermittent.

    For g*ds sake, will someone give an answer to this g*d dammed son of a B****H, piece of garbage engine.

    I can't take any more of this frustration, considering i've tried ever g*d dammed possible combination and nothing works.


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    Sounds a lot like what I said about that mishmash of computers I inherited at work. Never about my bikes, though....

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