Can you reverse the head?

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    I have a Raw Motor. 80cc. I have this motor mounted on a mountain bike frame. Now, looking at the engine from the drive sprocket side (left leg side) the motor fits with very little room under the top tube with a stubby spark plug installed. The spark plug is mounted on the right side or carburetor side of the head. To get more clearence, can you take off the head and reverse it so the spark plug is on the down tube (front of the bike) side?

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    Yep, just torque it back down to whatever is advised. If there's no torque spec mine says 12 1/2 foot pounds. Use some kind of a crossing pattern and take it up to spec gradualy and evenly.
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    is that foot/pounds or inch/pounds??
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    I have also seen a pic of someone reversing the whole jug so that the exhaust port is at the rear.

    Should be inch will need a quater inch drive torque wrench to get the most accurate torque.
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    Nope, head studs 12 1/2 foot/pounds. I use a 3/8ths beam type. I have a 1/2" torque wrench, one of the click type but I don't use it for that low of a range.
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    I was grossly mistaken, For some reason I have inch pounds stuck in my head.......glad I was not working on my bike today.

    From a sponsors instruction guide:
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    I found my confusion....I had recently read a post that converted to inch pounds: