Canada's "Dirty Oil"

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    I'd like the Americans to comment on if you care, or have even heard about this issue. We Canucks seem to make a big deal out of everything, sometimes for no good reason...

    Here is my take on the issue:

    Now that National Geographic has joined the "dirty oil" campaign here is different perspective.

    Yes, we must do a far better job of protecting our environment, the current situation is just not acceptable. And so must the people pointing the finger (their middle finger). Canada is the number 1 source of energy for the USA (and their number 1 trading partner). The alternatives to "dirty oil from Canada" are Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq,...their carbon footprint and political/economic pressures are a little more troublesome than Canada's.

    The other alternatives are more coal (strip mining of every sort - coal, oil sands, minerals - does have a huge foot print that must be taken care of and reduced), more natural gas would be a great thing and then there is nuclear (that may be a great thing but there is this little waste product...).

    Better yet, let's consume less.

    Think of that very nice commercial that is running on TV about the 2010 Chevrolet Volt powered by electricity. In the scene is gorgeous nature coming back to reclaim service stations, mountain valleys, .... Where do you think electricity comes from? In America, the majority of electricity comes from coal !!!

    A far better job must be done by all. And please media and special interest groups on all sides, we are not as stupid as you seem to think! Rather, let's embrace this challenge and shift our thinking together; our planet deserves better than the positional thinking we are doled out.

    Where is the CO2 coming from.....? Allow me to do the math for you:

    Canadian oil sands CO2 emissions are 0.17% of the US coal industry and 0.08% of China's total CO2 emissions. Canada's supposed dirty oil is an insignificant drop in the bucket compared to the American's very dirty coal and to China's very dirty air.

    Canadians must recognize that our national pastime has too long been to sever our noses to spite our faces. Oil and gas made up 21% of Canada's exports in 2006 and is at the tops of the list of all Canadian exports.

    Think of it this way, every Canadian across the country (from St. John's to Victoria) must recognize that 21% of each dollar you have in your account or wallet has gotten there because of oil and gas exports from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

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    Your arguments are based on the premise that CO2 is bad. I'm not willing to shift my thinking to a theory that has no factual scientific basis.
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    use less gas ---thats what is good about motorized bikes 150-200mpg very low imprint---use it as chief transport in season
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    I agree use less GAS. Plain and simple.But untill peoples mentality changes about driving GAS GUSSLING SUV'S,nothing will change.:rolleyes7:

    Unfourtunaly Motoredbikes are not the answer to this huge problem North Americains are facing.
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    I've said it before, elsewhere:
    As far as weaning folks from SUV's goes, easy enough:
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    Car manufactures have to make better gas milage Vechiles Plain and Simple.

    The tech is there the only problem is the major oil companies.
  7. they now have "motorcycle" SUVs 3 wheeled made in China. they make trucks as well & originally had 250cc & now are up to 650cc engines & reportedly get 70mpg

    I have looked at one in person a place up road that has one for sale & talk about horrible quality..... the rear windows are put in with what appears to be black silicone from a calking gun & smoothed with a finger. & there was even rust on new metal & panels look like were finished formed by hand over a buck with a hammer...

    but they exist...

    lookup WILDFIRE made in china trucks or SUV

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    I just had to go there

    hey Randy
    Yes I just had to go there -- I checked them out
    what did they say 6 or 7 thousand dollars for that ?
    I only paid (some years back) 9 thousand for a larger engine
    Escourt that got me 200 thousand miles -- sold it still running fine

    I would bet that the thing from China would not be able to get 50 thousand miles
    before -- serious work needed

    Suburu made a little three wheeler years ago (car thing)
    sold for a couple of grand
    but as we know -- they make some quality stuff !!

    always nice as we -- ride the motor bike
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    Heck, Cushman three-wheelers made nice little trucks. Tata Motors in India makes some interesting three-wheelers as well.