Can't/can not get a Honda GX35 to fit on a Staton-inc. friction drive kit.

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by chad, Sep 5, 2012.

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    I am in the process of installing a Honda GX35 on a staton-inc. friction drive kit. The kit was ordered to fit a GX35.

    I am able to get (2) screws in on the same side, but I am unable to get the other (2) to make thread contact. The 3rd and 4th screws do go into the thread/hole in the engine, but they just wont catch the threads.

    When I let the 3rd and 4th screws fall through, they seems to be going at a slight angle. I guess I could have tried more force to get the them in, but I did not want to damage the engines threads.

    Does it take a lot of force to get 3rd and 4th screws in, or is something wrong?

    Thank you very much for your time,
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  2. V 35

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    Sounds like the holes are a spec off, try drilling out the tight ones.
    Yes, your smart to stop when all is not square. An askewed part can have a wheel puller effect on the other threads, damaging them.
    Ditto for acorn nuts, use Wizz or Krep nuts [ built in locking surface ]
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    The fit is so precise that you have to leave the first two bolds loose until you can get third one on and, in turn, the fourth. Be careful, don't cross thread the bolts and enjoy the precision fit (and subsequent long life) of the Stanton!
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    I spoke to David at Staton-inc. and he told me what the problem was.

    There is a clutch drum were the engines clutch goes inside. On the outside of the clutch drum there is a cover. On the outside of the cover there are (4) scratched/drilled out notches or groves. There is one notch/grove for each mounting screw.

    These notches can be kinda hard to see. Once I spun the outside cover's notches in line with the 4 screws, the (4) screws went into the engines mounting threads.

    Thank you for all your help,