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    I am stuck about what kind of bike engine kit to get. My friend has a HT 66cc kit on his bike and he has issues with it pertaining to mounting it on his bike, etc. If i were to purchase a HT kit, i would have to get a new bike and find a way to mount it. HT kit=160 + bike I want=140. My second choice would be a BMP kit- 110 with engine- +110 . I would be interested in hearing some stories about the BMP kit, both good and bad. it appears to be a much nicer setup.

    Another advantage i JUST thought of with the BMP kit, i can keep my car horns!!:jester:
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    I’ve had my BMP friction drive for over a year now, probably 300 - 400 miles with absolutely no problems. No one will ever convince anyone else’s friction kits are worth the extra money. Don’t let them sell you on the fact that the metal channel is a fraction of an inch thicker. The only bad thing I’ve heard or read about BMP friction drives is the fact that they aren’t worth a flip when the rear tire gets wet. This is true with all friction drives. I for one ride for pleasure, not as a sole means of transportation. Why would I want to ride in the rain ? And if I’m riding and have to go through water, I just let off the throttle and ride 50 yards or so until the tire gets dry enough to grip again. I have been running a 50cc 2 cycle engine from a Harbor Freight auger which is no longer available, but can be bought under different names from several sites for around $120.00. I’ve also been running a Honda GX35, 35cc 4 stroke. Both engine have their pros and cons. The biggest for me is having to mix oil and gasoline for the 2 cycle. I like the convenience of the Honda 4 cycle, but the 2 cycle has way more power. Actually only about ½ horse power, but on a small 1.5 to 2 horse power engine like these small things, ½ of a HP makes a BIG difference. A heads up, with friction drive, the smoother the tread is on the rear tire, the better it will work, the quieter it will be and the longer it will last once you get used to it and figure out the best amount of pressure to put between the tire and the drive roller. Shouldn’t take you more than a few miles, I’m going to say way less than 10 to figure that out. I like the looks of a frame mount, but for simplicity, reliability I recommend friction drive. I’ve never heard or read anything bad about BMP. I know several people personally that have them with the same satisfied results as I’ve had. They (BMP) are known for being nice, easy going, customer oriented with extraordinary packaging and very timely shipping. I simply would highly recommend them and their friction drive kit. Also, I had my kit installed in less than an hour after I removed it from the shipping box, and again, I’ve had no issues with it from the initial and original installation. Meaning I must have gotten it right with a good product the first time. Hope this helps !
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    After reading and replying to your post I went to BMP's site. What the heck ? If I wanted or needed another one of their kits, I'd jump on it like a duck on a June bug. I can't believe they can be had for less than 100 Georges ! I'd say that's an excelent deal ! I think I paid about $150.00 or $175.00 for mine when I bought it about 1.5 years ago. I'd say their current price is great for someone to get into the game of motorized bicycles. Cheap enough to where they can do their first build, make their own evaluations and go from there. Especially if you get a good engine !
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    I completely agree !!!
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    Friction drive is the most reliable and trouble free drive there is.

    All mentioned utility engines above and most not mentioned, beat the living c*ap of all HT junk in reliability, safety, ease installation with friction kit etc.

    If you want to "ride this thing" get BMP kit with engine of your choice.

    If you want to "play with it" spending more time in the shop that riding, by all means get yourself HT kit.

    BMP is great and cheap enough. Thanks Charlie for tne news BMP got cheaper again. I may get another one for my second bike and second engine I have.
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    I agree with the pork....

    My BMP kit has never failed me, even holding up that huge 49cc titan engine!