Can't Find Chain Info...Help?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Andrew735, Mar 13, 2008.

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    im having trouble finding information about taking links out of my chain. I hooked up my 49cc 4-stroke grubee engine kit, but there is WAY too much slack in the chain, even with the chain tensor, can anyone send me a link? thanks

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    No thanks is needed,,,,,its what we do!
    I hope that link will cure all of your chain woes.

    Still have questions about your chain? Just reply to that link, and it will help keep it near the top for the next user.

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    That link helped me get the chain shorter, but now the chain tension guide keeps pulling the chain off of the rear sprocket and i cant move it closer inline with the rear sprocker anymore because it is VERY close to the tire. any links for that? I tried searching, but im not that good at it yet... :( thanks!
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    shoot, i just deleted an external link and more discussion...

    this isn't gonna work...all i did was open us up to more of a mess...andrew, soon as i know you're on the fix, i'm killing this area altogether.
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    im sorry. i will just have to get better at searching. thanks for trying. the link i got worked, so u can do whatever you need to. Thanks for the help.