Can't get inside motor [ Clutch pic ]



my clutch is not working properly and i need to get inside it, how do i get this stupid ring thats holding it on off.

How do i get inside it

P.S I searched and can't find anything on how to do it.

You need to get behind the clutch? or you want to take it apart further? Slipping? You can clean off the surfaces with brake clean. To get it off use the tool that came with the engine kit, lube it up good and install it on the clutch housing and run the center bolt in. If you have the clutch in your hand look at the back side and you will see three holes, these are for punching the outer ring off, keep an eye on all the parts, there are a set of rollers under there. On install only press the outer ring till it is flush with the top surface. Have fun, Dave

PS: Another variant of the clutch fibers, (round).