can't pedal...please help

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by tneticsi, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. tneticsi

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    i've searched and couldn't find anything so forgive me if I missed it.

    i just fininshed my 50 cc build on a jaquar and can't seem to pedal the bike. I can but its really hard to pedal. Am i missing something or is this normal. Adjustments probably. I don't know what to do here please help. oh and i was able to get the motor started by going down hill and releasing the cluth but once i turn off the motor, same thing can't pedal.

  2. rjs5700

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    The big drive sprocket may be too tight and binding against the dust cover on the hub. I had the same problem and had to make the center hole of the sprocket larger.
  3. tneticsi

    tneticsi New Member

    what dust cover on the hub. what hub are you talking about.. more specific please.
  4. tneticsi

    tneticsi New Member

    when i take the chains to the motor off it pedals just fine if that helps. so it has something to do with the motor. or the
  5. cooltoy

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    Could it be as simple as the clutch lever needing adjustment?
    Get a pal to lift the bike off the ground and push the lever on the motor as hard as you can and try to peddle. Even better, pull the clutch lever in and at the same time, see if you can push the lever on the motor some more. I just feel that your clutch is dragging a bit.
    They do take a few days to wear all the parts so that they mate up properly and it will get better.
    Let me know.
  6. tneticsi

    tneticsi New Member

    i'll give that a try. if i do need adjustments how is that done.
  7. cooltoy

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    If you have the new style clutch lever it will have that cable holder that can unscrew just like the brakes on all bikes.There is also adjustment on the engine, it looks just like the screw I mentioned up above.
    I myself like to loosen the little cable end with the little screw that you installed on the cable that is making contact with the arm on your engine. It's hard to do and you could use a third hand but I don't like to count on the cheap parts to hold the adjustment and this method works the best.
    IF...I am just want to take a bit of the slack out of your cable.
  8. rjs5700

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    tneticsi....your problem sounds different than mine. The dust cover I was referring to is on a New Departure coaster hub under the brake arm. The cover is stationary and was binding against the sprocket. I had a friend machine the center hole in the sprocket bigger to clear the cover and now it works fine.
  9. tneticsi

    tneticsi New Member

    now if i let it that cable looser, then that will disengange the clutch pressure i presume. my problem is, i think, my clutch can't seem to be engaged so i can't roll the bike freely without hearing the enginge trying to turn on. you get what i am saying?? hopefully that helps too.
  10. Accender

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    You should try to make the clutch cable tighter, or shorter. That way when you pull
    the clutch handel it pulls the clutch lever farther therefore disengaging the clutch more.

  11. lordoflightaz

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    When you take the chain off can you pull it so that the sprocket on the engine moves fairly easily? If it moves that you can pull the chain while it is on the sprocket, with the clutch lever engaged (pulled in) then you can at least tell that you are controlling the clutch. Disengaged you won't be able to pull the chain without a lot of effort and will hear the piston going up and down.

    Being able to answer this will help others help you.
  12. tneticsi

    tneticsi New Member

    ok I adjusted the cables and all so it turns out the cable was not tight enough. thanks for all your help it really helped me alot. thanks again.
  13. HERPER

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    i was just about to reiterate the tightening of the clutch cable.. but i see everyone has already done that...

    good riding and have fun