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    Thanks for the welcome, I tried to reply to my original Intro post, but for some reason I'm not allowed to reply to ANY posts, not just my own !

    I don't want anyone to think I'm rude while this early in the game. You'll all figure that out later..... :grin5:

  2. Mud Pie

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    Alrighty then...

    I can reply now !!

    Just wanted to say I'm finding the amount of info available here is amazing. If I have any questions/thoughts, I just put it in the search bar and I find that my concerns are not original; from type of bike to use, to type of oil.

    I should be getting my engine on 05JAN, I'll begin my tear-down and rebuild before I mount it. I was going to mount my engine on my existing Schwinn Jaguar, but I like it the way it is; I got it all blinged out, I think an engine would rattle all my bling off. I may go for a single speed for my first build.

    I also ride a Russian Ural 2WD sidecar called a Gear Up, so I'm quite familiar with the use of Loc-Tite. We Uralists have a term we use called "Russian Loc-Tite" commonly known as "rust".