Cant seem to get it running

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Connor, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Connor

    Connor Guest

    I bought my 70/80cc motor from, and its been great witha few bumps on the way.
    I cant get my bike to run properly, it makes a noise, but it just sounds like its not getting any gas and just doesnt start from the get go.

    I bought a new magneto and spark plug, and put them in and this didnt help any. It actually raised the OHM's from 325 to 350...any ideas?

    Ive tried taking off the Bosche spark plug and dropping fuel directly int here, and that works and makes it sputter but only for a second until the fuel is burned up, then it dies.

    Any suggestions would be awesome.


  2. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Sep 30, 2006
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    I'm going to take a leap here- On GEBE's there is a kill button, and if that wire has grounded out, where it attaches to the handlebar, it will prevent it from starting.

    To make a temporary fix to a kill button, cut a plastic drink straw, and slide a sliver of the straw between the wire and the metal,

    whoola........ :cool:
  3. etheric

    etheric Guest

    You can't get the engine to run "properly", or at all?
    It doesn't "start from the get go" or does it not start at all?
    How many miles are on your engine?
    Have you checked your gas flow from the petcock?
    If you're flowing freely then I'd think the next step may be looking into the carb and make sure that gas and air are both getting through. If you are digging in that area you could clean your carb while you're at it to eliminate that as a problem (if you feel comfortable doing so)
    In addition to bama's electrical suggestion you should have a pretty good idea of what the problem is, or at least eliminate alot of possibilites.
    It sounds like you may be missing some element of the (w)holy two stroke equation:
  4. Connor

    Connor Guest

    Ive unplugged the kill switch and it still doesnt work. I have the plastic slips over the other wires, should i still try what you suggested?

  5. nogoodnic42

    nogoodnic42 Guest

    Check you idle screw, it should be 3-4 turns out from closed. If you can get it started you should be able to tune it by ear...Kelly
  6. Connor

    Connor Guest

    Sorry for the Confusion:
    Cant get it to run at all
    When i pop the clutch it makes a noise...just doesnt sputter and get a gas flow.

    So i dont know how to answer Can get it started...kind of same Q as getting it to run.

    I will try your suggestions tomorrow but ive got around 100 miles on it, and ive got a nice gas flow.

    My carb is clean....
    my idle screw i guess isnt screwed in to make it idle properly, but that shouldnt keep the motor from atleast sputtering when i first pop the clutch.......should it?
  7. nogoodnic42

    nogoodnic42 Guest

    Have you checked your spark plug to make sure it isn't fowled. During the break in period your running an oil rich mix that tends to be hard on plugs...Kelly
  8. Connor

    Connor Guest

    I bought a new couple weeks ago.....still havent been able to ride with it. I replaced the magneto too because thatsdax told me too because i was running 350 OHM's
  9. nogoodnic42

    nogoodnic42 Guest

    I would check the carb next. Could be that your needle valve isn't moving properly and your not getting the fuel that you need...Kelly
  10. nogoodnic42

    nogoodnic42 Guest

    LOL, I just read your post on the next thread where you gave the same advice that I just gave you...Kelly
  11. Connor

    Connor Guest


    Needle valve has been replaced too :/ I wish it hadnt so there could be something i could do though.
  12. etheric

    etheric Guest

    Yeah, those two questions I ask could be answered at once, I was just indicating the points in your post that confused me.
    I would think that if you're gassing it when you start it up then the idle mixture screw wouldn't really come into play untill you...well, let it idle.
    It sounds like you've got spark, but have you pulled the plug and and seen a good spark?
  13. Connor

    Connor Guest

  14. etheric

    etheric Guest

    sorry, I think I edited out a dumb question there on ya while you responded to it.
  15. Connor

    Connor Guest

    Yes, i pulled out the plug and have seen the spark, not sure how you would know it sparks when its inside the engine? The engine doesnt gas at all it just kind of...sounds like the pistoon is just going up and down and its not too happy about it..

    Couldnt be piston rings, could it?

    When the clutch is engaged the bike doesnt that means that the rings are 'a-ok' right?
  16. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    going back to basics here .....check ur choak

    when you put the needle valve in did you put the black warsher on top or bottom of the slide ??

    how is your clutch adjusted whe nthe clutch is out can you push the bike ???

  17. If you don't have a fuel filter on your fuel line you will get partiulate in the fuel needle/seat area and the neeedle will stick! I had similar problems to yours at first but cleaning out the needle inside the carb completely fized the problem.
  18. bird

    bird Guest

    did u prime it at all befor you tryed to ride it. the primer button is next to the idle screw on the carb.

    also check your wires and see if they arnt melted to the exhaust.
  19. Connor

    Connor Guest

    Choke is on when i start, Clutch works with perfection.

    Black washer is on bottom

    I know of the primer, have used it.
    Carb is Clear

    I have a fuel Filter

    Sorry, but anything else? I really want this to work

    I appreciate all your help
  20. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest